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It’s there looking you smack in the face, crooning your name. The Facebook share button. It’s giving you “click me” eyes.

At Solar Power Rocks, we get a lot of eyeballs on our articles and state pages. But it’s our mission to make sure legislators, homeowners, and business-owners everywhere are able to see how solar pencils out for them.

That said, please browse through our site. Great places to start are your home state there on the right, the “past articles” link on the top right, and some of our “popular posts” below the state pages.

We don’t know if you’ve got a Facebook account or not, but if there’s anything on this site that is surprising to you, makes you laugh, or is simply cool, please click that button or the others below to share what we write. Doing so helps us get a little closer to fulfilling our mission.

Sharing what we share with you is like giving clean energy a vote for everyone to see.

Thanks so much, it really helps us out a lot.

– Dan

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