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Cheap Solar Loans: The Feds

Dear Solar Fred,

Are there any Federal government programs geared toward giving home owners low interest loans for solar?

Anna in Ohai, California

Dear Anna,

Yes, indeed,Uncle Sam has several national programs that will help you to finance your solar system (and other energy efficiency projects) for your home. Click here and download this flyer to give you a summary of the programs. (If these don’t work, be sure to check out my Cash Poor financing series of posts.)

Your best bet may be through fannie mae and freddie mac through energy efficient mortgages.
(EEMs). The advantages are spelled out on this site, and I quote:

“The government-sponsored loans have several special benefits. First, they let you add on the money for the improvements to your mortgage even if this means you exceed traditional loan limits. Second, you don’t have to qualify for the additional money. Third, and probably most important, 100% of the cost of the improvements can be financed. Since all improvements must be cost effective to qualify, this means there are no out of pocket expenses. Your mortgage payments go up a little, but your utility bills go down more. You can even realize a positive cash flow. It’s like getting paid for improving your home.” (Solar Fred’s emphasis.)

Sounds pretty good to me. Get started with a list of numbers and websites here.

Last modified: December 8, 2015

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The $8,000 limit referenced by wells fargo is an old loan limit on the FHA EEM loan product. A mortgagee letter was released by the Department of Housing and Development in late 2009 removing that cap.

Patrick Kilhoffer
Patrick Kilhoffer

Thanks for the update!


required loan for solar business

Dave Llorens

Hi, Ash, that’s an exact quote from this web address:

Not sure about the $8,000 limit. This may be based on a formula. Check out:

Hope that helps and let us know what you find out! :)


Solar Fred,

Could you provide reference for the quote above? link or address please.
I contacted Wells Fargo, first they told me I could only get $8,000…

Newark DE


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