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Considering solar during the coronavirus? Here are 4 tips to keep you healthy and informed

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Published on 03/18/2020 in
Updated 03/24/2020
work from home with solar

If you’re lucky enough to have a job where you’re now working from home, chances are you’re transitioning into a new routine.

That includes distractions to account for (especially if your kids are at home), new web-conferencing technology to master, and new ways to create a sense of efficiency for how you now approach your days.

There are also new levels of uncertainty and associated anxiety around what will transpire over the coming weeks and months relating to public health, your family’s health, finances, social connections and the future of your job.

With all that on your plate, you may be feeling slightly anxious, more isolated and a little out of whack. It’s ok, you’re not alone, we’re all going through it together.

In this article, we provide you some helpful tips to be more in control, specifically when it comes to your power bill and installing solar on your home. If you were considering going solar before the coronavirus struck, now is still a great time to get all the information you need to move forward.

1. Now is the time to take stock of what your future looks like and be in more control

In every crisis lies a combination of danger and opportunity. While there are no longer any options to go out for crowded social dinners or see shows and sporting events, your date nights are probably going to be much more affordable than before.

Hey, you might even learn to master a new hobby on the cheap, and connect in new, creative ways to your friends and loved ones. These constraints can also be huge opportunities and wins for your budget.

Since you are now home instead of being out, commuting, or being social, this is a great time to carefully weigh where your time and finances will be allocated over the coming months. It’s also a great time to inform yourself of your different options to save more money by going solar.

Yes, there’s a sense of danger in the associated uncertainty you may be facing relative to your income and financial stability. One way you can be more in control of your finances is to lock in your electricity rates for decades and netting immediate savings.

Visit our homepage and click on your state to learn all you need to know about which financial strategy would be best for you to upgrade your home with solar energy.

2. Your electric bill is probably going to be higher as you spend more time at home, explore low interest loans to nab immediate solar savings

While there’s a lot of new things to get used to in this temporary era of social distancing, there’s one variable you may not have yet accounted for – your new electric bill.

We know. As if you need one more thing to be anxious about!

However, let’s be plain about things. You’re going to be home way more than you used to for the foreseeable future.

You’ll be using appliances and equipment that was typically left idle until you got home in the evenings. Naturally, you’re going to be spending more on electricity than you were before.

Luckily, if you live in a state with strong support for home solar policy, you can go solar with a very low interest loan and your loan payments will still be less than your monthly electricity savings. That means you’ll be in the green immediately when your system switches on.

Connect with our trusted network of installers to get a more accurate picture of your savings.

3. Ask your solar installers to do web meetings instead

zoom call from home solar

Thanks to the internet and accurate solar quoting tools, your solar installer will be able to draft your proposal, review it with you virtually, and answer any questions you have.

You can even sign your contract online too. There’s no need to worry about spreading unnecessary germs around.

All you’ll need is a laptop, tablet, or phone and most probably a web conferencing app, like Zoom.

When it’s time for your installation to happen, you’ll be able to watch from at least 6 feet away, and give your installer a high five with your shoe!

4. Eventually, the virus will pass and so will your anxiety. Solar is a smart financial decision even when times are trying

This virus and trying time will pass. As you’re probably in transition and crisis management mode, we encourage you to breathe and take care of yourself and loved ones. Also take the time you may now have and analyze your electricity cost savings when you go solar.

You may be surprised at how much you can immediately save, and how much peace of mind you can achieve by taking control of your electricity bill.

Savings estimate for 5-kW solar PPA in California - $20 per month

In strong solar states, your loan payment to make this happen combined with your new power bill will be less than your current electric bill. With interest rates nearing record lows, this could be a great time to make this home improvement.

On each of our state resource pages we provide comprehensive savings estimates based on all the solar programs, policies, and incentives available where you live.

The simple and elegant thing about going solar is that your savings and returns do not depend on the economy, people, or businesses staying afloat and performing well. Your investment returns will improve even more whenever your power company decides to raise its rates.

All that needs to happen is the earth continuing to turn and the sun rising every morning.

Last modified: March 24, 2020

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