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If electricity was free and clean, what would you feel better using it for at home?

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Published on 12/28/2010 in
Updated 09/05/2019

On yet another drippy weekday afternoon in Portland, I figured it was time to break out MSPaint and create something solar, warm and fun. So, I did. Our stick figure hero above has just cracked open a frosty beverage on a warm summery day. Boy is he happy, as the electricity his refrigerator is using to chill down his brew comes from the sun, and the electricity is now free, since his solar panels paid for themselves 4 years ago and will last at least a good 20-30 more years.

This could be you, too! Instead of chilling down a tasty brew, what would you feel better about using electricity for?

Send me your responses in the comments and I’ll draw you a picture for each one!

Popsicles as gifts for the kids?

Your entertainment system?

Your plant greenhouse?

Your hair dryer? (Thanks Joanie!)

Your winter mancave (women allowed), complete with Chicago Bears football, beer, and a brandy chest? (Thanks Dave K.!)

Leaving your holiday lights on overnight? (Thanks Robin!)

Your 90210 surround sound marathon? (Thanks Staci!)

Blasting your electric baseboard heat while enjoying a margarita as it snows outside? (Thanks Jenn!)

Your electric dryer? (Thanks Eric!)

Chilling out on the porch with a mint julep, listening to the gentle sounds of the bug zapper? (Thanks Matt!)

Last modified: September 5, 2019

6 thoughts on “If electricity was free and clean, what would you feel better using it for at home?

  1. Avatar for btelis btelis says:

    Just saw it to my kid, great story !! thnks


    What about electric cars? I think that’s going to be a huge selling point when gas prices hit 5 bucks a gallon in two years.

  3. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:

    That’s a good one, thanks Eric!

  4. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    Using my electric dryer in the winter… it’s overcast and rainy and cold, and my wonderful line-drying streak of the summer is over.

    The dryer is killing my energy use. :(

    Sadly overcast rainy days are not fantastic for solar, c’mon upgraded distribution!

  5. Avatar for Robin Robin says:

    Leaving the Christmas tree and lights running all night!

  6. Avatar for joanie joanie says:

    How about using your hairdryer?

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