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Missouri’s 2019 solar rebates lower home solar costs by 15% or more

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Published on 09/30/2018 in
Updated 05/21/2019
Missouri State Capitol

Missouri has long flown under the radar when it comes to its solar industry. Sure the state doesn’t have the flashy incentives of a place like New Jersey, or the 100% renewable energy goals of Hawaii and California. But it does have is the only citizenry that voted in a Renewables Portfolio Standard for the state, and also, so pretty sweet solar rebates for some of its most populated areas.

Those rebates are what we’re writing about today, and they’re nothing to sneeze at. As we mentioned in the headline above, the Missouri rebates could reduce your cost to install solar by 15% or more, depending on where you live. Here are all the details:

Which areas in Missouri offer solar rebates?

In June of 2018, Missouri Governor Mike Parson put his signature on Senate Bill 564, which provides a bunch of rules for the state’s utility companies, and includes provisions that establish a new solar rebate program. The rebates will be available to all customers of the state’s Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), including Ameren, KCP&L, Columbia Water & Light, and Liberty Utilities (Empire District).

That covers a huge portion of the state’s 6.2 million people, and will help make solar affordable by providing rebates of $.50/watt of installed power. Columbia Water & Light will give you an additional $.125/W if your system is installed on a west-facing roof, because you’ll generate more kilowatt-hours (kWh) during peak afternoon times. You’ll generate fewer overall kWh with a west-facing system, but not many fewer, and the rebate could be worth the difference.

How much will the Missouri rebates reduce the cost of solar?

The average household in Missouri uses around 13,500 kWh per year (PDF). To make that much electricity, the homeowner needs a solar system that can generate 9.35 kilowatts (kW) under full sun.

At $.50/W, the solar rebate for the average home system is $4,750. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and at an average cost-per-watt of around $3.05, represents a 16% discount. Combined with the first year’s energy bill savings and the federal 30% tax credit for installing solar (which is applied after rebate costs are considered), a homeowner in Missouri can have nearly half the cost of installing solar paid off after just 1 year of operation.

How do you get Missouri Solar Rebates?

The rebates from Columbia, Empire District and KCP&L are currently available. Ameren is still working with lawmakers to design their program, and we’ll have the details here once they become available.

But here’s the truth: nobody knows how to make sure you get rebates better than a local solar installer. They fill out all the paperwork for you, and they know exactly how to work with the local electric company to make sure your system qualifies for the largest rebate possible. Get quotes from multiple solar companies to compare offers, and get ready to save some money!

Last modified: May 21, 2019

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