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Solar Cash: Vermont Feed in Tarrif

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Published on 06/01/2009 in
Updated 06/01/2009

I’ll be writing a post about the benefits (and challenges) of Feed In Tariffs (FITs) in the near future. Until then, Vermonters interested in Solar can read this solar industry article and updates from site.

Bottom line: Vermont residents will be PAID for the solar power their panels produce. How much? 30 cents per kilowatt. Regular rate payers pay 5 cents per kilowatt. That means you get 25 cents/kilowatt profit.

Now it’s unclear to me right now whether that rate is paid for only the excess (net) power you generate, or for all of the power (gross) you generate. In the latter case, you would simply pay your electric bill and get cash for all of the power you produce. In the former, you would get paid only for the extra energy your panels generate.

Over the course of the 25 year life of the panels, that 25 cents/kilowatt will add up to thousands of dollars for solar power owners. Obviously, this legislation will inspire many to go solar. A similar program in Spain and Germany has created the largest market for solar in Europe…and a lot of jobs. Vermont is likely to see the same growth.

And don’t worry about snow and cold! Solar works even better when it’s cold than when panels are baking in the sun. The snow should mostly fall off a typically angled roof. See above photo.

Last modified: June 1, 2009

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