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SunRun is Now in Los Angeles

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Updated 05/07/2020

SunRun has done what no other Solar Lease or Solar PPA company has done before. They have made an agreement with my home town utility, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), and according to SunRun, they have already sold their first low money down solar lease in the city.

I’ll get more into the details of the SunRun lease and PPA models in the next few posts. This post is a shout out to the LADWP to say thank you! …and also, please make more deals with other third party solar finance people.

Third party solar finance companies, such as the ones I’ve listed in another post, help to make solar affordable because they lower the upfront costs for both home owners and especially for businesses and government entities. I’m quite frankly perplexed as to why the LADWP has been blocking very experienced, qualified NABCEP solar installers from implementing their various financing programs. Many cities allow these companies to do the same solar installations, and the LADWP should as well. L.A. could have so many huge solar installations on schools and other businesses right now. Furthermore, we are losing good solar jobs in our struggling Los Angeles economy–not to mention the environmental loss. I hope this new agreement is a sign that the LADWP is beginning to remove any obstacles that other cities don’t have.

In the mean time, the SunRun Solar Lease is open for business in Los Angeles! I’ll be getting into more details over the next few posts, but overall, I think it’s a great, affordable, low money down program.

Last modified: May 7, 2020

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