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Tesla Cuts Home Solar Prices by 4%

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Published on 02/12/2020 in
Updated 02/12/2020
Tesla solar panels on a roof

Tesla is newly flush with cash after a stock move from $220 a share a few months ago to now nearing $800. The company also recently announced cuts of nearly 4% off the cost of its home solar packages. The solar installation price reduction may be more of a response to the federal investment tax credit (ITC) stepping down by a similar percentage at the beginning of this year than a decision to share newfound wealth. The ITC used to be 30% in 2019 and now is 26%. After 2020 it will drop again to 22%.

A chart showing cost per watt of Tesla solar installations from $2.65 per watt for a 3.8-kW system to $2.30 per watt for a 15.2-kW system

Average price per installed watt was sourced from the Tesla website across a sample of 8 states. Current Tesla solar pricing varies slightly based on where you live, and Tesla offers systems in four sizes in multiples of 12 panels, “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, and “Extra Large”.

System SizeProductionAverage Cost
Tesla Small – 12 panels, 3.8kW~15 kwh / day$10,063
Tesla Medium – 24 panels, 7.6kW~30 kwh / day$18,313
Tesla Large – 36 panels, 11.4kW~45 kwh / day$27,063
Tesla X-Large – 48 panels, 15.2kW~60 kwh / day$35,000

It’s important to note these costs do not include the 26% federal tax credit or local incentives you can qualify for. For more detailed costs and savings estimates, connect with installers we trust near you to get competing quotes.

If you’ve been thinking about going solar and have been itching to get into the Tesla ecosystem, now could be a prime opportunity to do so. If you install the Powerwall battery system at the same time, both home upgrades will qualify for the 26% tax credit in addition to any local incentives you qualify for.

Click your state on our homepage to learn more about the incentives available in your area and learn how we make going solar easy for you.

Honestly, the Tesla website doesn’t do such a great job at telling you which system size would be right for your home, because doing so is a little more complicated than they wanted to make their sales process. A good system size depends on your usage, how much sun you get in your area. For a better estimate of the size system you’ll need for your home, read our detailed post about system sizing.

Last modified: February 12, 2020

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