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Solar Fred Warning: “Citzenre”

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Published on 04/23/2009 in
Updated 12/08/2015

Dear Sincere Solar readers,

Many of you may have seen infomercials and websites about “Citzenre” a company that says it will rent you solar panels. See this wikipedia post and criticisms at the bottom of the article. This is just a quick warning for you to NOT wait for this company.

The company behind Citizenre has broken many promises and is woefully underfunded. Its business model relied on manufacturing its own panels from scratch and then renting an entire system to you for the same electric rate that you’re paying now. Nice idea, but….

To date in 2009, Citizenre has no factory. Ed Begley, jr, a solid solar guy used to be a spokesperson for the company, but he dropped out in 2008. Their website looks great, very slick. The rental formula promises a lot, but unfortunately, they have proven since 2006 that they cannot deliver on these solar dreams. Not ONE panel has been produced and not a single system has been sold or rented.

My point is that you can still afford solar without waiting for Citizenre to get its rental program up and running…if it ever does. If you really want to get solar, please review my four part posts, Cash Poor, Solar Richard, and move forward with your plans today.

Don’t wait for these perhaps well meaning yahoos. (Its sales representatives are based on a network marketing model, another bad sign.) While they have not asked for any funds upfront from either sellers or buyers, they have wasted their time with a lot of hype. Again, if you’re serious about solar, please seek other financing options that are available NOW.

Last modified: December 8, 2015

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