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Two kinds of solar battery bank; lithium and AGM batteries

How To Choose a Solar Battery Bank That’s Right for Your Home

Adding a solar battery bank to your solar installation can have several benefits. You’ll be able to survive power outages by running your home on just solar power, and you can use the energy stored in your batteries to power your home during peak usage times when electricity from the utility is more expensive. We’re […]

Last modified: March 11, 2020

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The LG Chem RESU Battery

Is the LG Chem RESU battery right for your home?

In Short: The LG Chem RESU battery is a lithium ion battery that can keep your home running even if the grid goes down. Since 2013, the LG RESU battery is a proven product with a solid track record. It’s also used by some of the biggest solar installers in the country to provide backup […]

Last modified: March 11, 2020

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