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PVWatts header image with a description of what the tool does and a picture of solar panels

How to use PVWatts to figure out the ideal size for your solar system

In short: PVWatts is a highly useful tool that can show you a close estimate of annual electricity production from a solar array of a given size. But by using a reverse-engineering trick and dividing your annual energy usage by the amount of solar energy 1 kilowatt of panels can make, you get your ideal […]

Last modified: February 4, 2020

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Utah utility-scale solar installation, by Reegan Moen

How healthy is the solar industry in your state?

Photo credit: Reegan Moen Each year, the Solar Power Rocks team scours through the lawbooks of the nation to find the most up-to-date laws and regulations related to solar power in all 50 states. We analyze the data, award letter grades for 12 factors that go into making solar good for homeowners, and collect the […]

Last modified: February 4, 2019

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A camera taking a photo of solar panels in a field

Solar panels are ready for their close-up

A while back, some smart person at the U.S. Department of Energy realized that many of the freely-available stock photos of solar panels were ugly at best, and actively harmful to the goals of the industry at worst. So the Department organized a contest for photos of solar panels called “Hit Me With Your SunShot.” […]

Last modified: September 28, 2017

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The Best of Solar Power Rocks: Our Most Popular Content

Solar Power Rocks is celebrating! We’ve been blogging and bringing you the most important facts about solar for nearly 9 years now, and it’s time for a retrospective of some of our greatest hits—blogs that riled up the crowd and got people talking! Without further ado, here are the best and most commented-on blogs of […]

Last modified: May 5, 2016

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A peek inside Solar Today magazine

Check out the latest issue of Solar Today. Inside are lots of great articles and materials. You can even flip through all the pages online for free.

Last modified: September 16, 2008

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