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Why do people go solar? They’ve got their elephant and rider in sync!

For the past 10 weeks, I taught my first college course: “The Psychology of Personal Decision-Making”. Surprised at how quickly I was approved to teach the course on short notice, I drafted a syllabus with one lofty goal: Arm all of my students with the rational tools they needed to make their lives better when […]

Last modified: March 4, 2020

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Solar PV Addict Gives Tips for Checking out Qualified Solar Installers

The following post is from Heather Andrews Bias, a Nevada solar installer, solar installation instructor, and self-professed “PV addict.” In short, Heather loves solar as much as Solar Fred, perhaps even more. As a solar instructor and member in good standing with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (local #357, Las Vegas), she knows solar […]

Last modified: January 22, 2017

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The cost of the “lets wait and see” solar buying reaction

I replied to an email I got this morning from one of our readers who requested to get quotes from solar installation companies a few weeks ago. He was just curious whether there was any new solar technology out there he wasn’t about to miss the boat on by going solar right now. This is […]

Last modified: September 9, 2009

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A Healthy Graph, Spending on Daily Lattes vs. Solar Energy Costs and Savings

Even in this dicey economy, the rule of marketing put forth by Seth Godin in his simple but important book, Purple Cow, holds as true as ever: Be Remarkable. Though pocketbooks across the country are tightening, people still ache for stories they can tell their friends, new experiences full of memories that are easy, even […]

Last modified: February 28, 2018

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To get anything of substance done, you gotta set goals

50 small rocks waiting patiently to be placed in glass #2 Selling commercial solar energy systems is not easy. I’ve been at it for 4 months now and have had to deal with several competing time sinks: I’ve moved into a new house, had relationship issues, wrangled with the graduate studies department at Portland State […]

Last modified: April 21, 2009

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