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Energy Info: Home Green Home

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Published on 05/11/2009 in
Updated 03/04/2020

Though I now live in Los Angeles, I grew up in New York, so I’m partial to the New York Times, which has two great blogs devoted to energy issues.

Green Inc is more business oriented, but Home Green Home is the Green Inc editor, Tom Zeller Jr.’s personal experience with buying an old home and greening it.

Home Green Home in particular is a great resource for ideas on how to green your home, save energy, and to see how Mr. Zeller is managing his home greening project. The blog also includes several brief videos, including this one about the world’s greenest New York High Rise Condo with solar panels….also a very expensive one at $1300/square foot.

But even here, Zeller delivers good, basic reminders (through a guest) about how anyone can cheaply reduce their energy and water bills in their home with a simple acronym reminder: C.R.A.W.L. I won’t reveal the meaning of these letters so that you’ll go to the Times website, but I’ll tell you that the first letter, C, stands for CFL light bulbs.

Last modified: March 4, 2020

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