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What The World Could Be Like With Renewable Energy

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Published on 02/18/2016 in
Updated 02/18/2016

Guest post by Ben Allen. Follow him on Twitter!

At some point in the near future, the world as a whole will have to support renewable energy. With the price of oil and coal on the rise and corporations looking to drain every drop they can, fossil fuels will soon no longer be a viable energy source.

We as a people need to band together and encourage development into renewable energy. If we don’t, the energy crisis will only continue to get worse until our entire infrastructure collapses. We can make the transition away from depleting resources smooth instead of a terrible crisis it will become. Here is how we can band together to make the switch and how it would affect our lives.

The Politics Of Energy

The first step would be for the government to support renewable energy companies and allow them to form Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Oil and fossil fuel producing companies are able to form MLPs, basically making them exempt from taxes. Renewable energy companies not able to form MLPs is one of the many tax issues in our country. Without that tax break, renewable energy companies are at a huge disadvantage.

Governments won’t make this decision though unless people voice their desires. While people can sign petitions and mail letters to their representatives, our wallets are where our voices are most heard. People purchasing hybrid and electric cars or investing in household solar panels shows both the government and companies what we want. Currently, some governments are fighting against advocates for renewable energy, like Tesla, and we as a people need to voice our displeasure.

In The Business Of Energy

As renewable energy becomes more popular, fossil fuel reliant industries will be forced to adapt or slowly fall apart. While it will be impossible to eliminate the use of fossil resources completely, such as using oil for plastics, they will decrease over time, both because of scarcity of resources and a smaller demand. That results in giant coal burning factories and massive oil rigs slowing production and eventually shut down.

Over time, our fields will fill with solar panels and wind turbines, we’ll have hydroelectric dams on rivers and unique turbines in the ocean to harness the motion of water, and we’ll tap into the Earth’s internal heat for geothermal energy. Each area of the world will start finding which method is most efficient for them and improve on it, making them even more effective. Innovation will play a key role in keeping up with a growing energy demand and we’ll have inventions like solar panel roads to maximize our energy.

The transportation industry will also change as people stop buying gasoline burning vehicles and turn to electric powered cars. Car manufacturers will have to adapt their cars, using Tesla’s model as a springboard for new ideas.

While the initial investment into renewable energy is high, the savings in the long term will keep energy relatively inexpensive for the world. The energy crisis will no longer plague economies, allowing the world to focus on other financial issues.

Changes To Our Daily Lives

Overall, our daily lives won’t change too much. People will go to work, but instead of driving a gas powered car, they’ll drive a hybrid or fully electric car. We’ll start to notice a significant decrease in noise population and people will be less bothered living near busy streets.

Our homes will be slightly different, with many roofs having solar panels or maybe a small wind turbine in the back yard. Homes will start being built without gas appliances, running everything strictly on electricity. Most things will stay the same though, just without sacrificing our planet.

Saving The Planet

If we continue to rely on fossil fuels, the biggest victim is the Earth. Since there will be less of a demand for fossil fuels, we’ll have less drilling, oil spills, and depletion of the earth’s natural resources and beauty. That means we don’t need to worry about big energy corporations destroying beautiful land or killing sealife with oil spills. A lower demand allows oil corporations to focus more on safety and containing damage to the land instead of simply trying to meet a need.

Less people burning fossil fuels can also help with our growing pollution problems. Over time, the smog covering cities like Beijing will dissipate, and we can prevent further damage to our ozone.

We All Need To Help

This transition to renewable energy isn’t just the responsibility of the government, it falls to everybody. We should do what we can to conserve energy and encourage this change anyway we can. This can be through helping educate others, to buying energy efficient appliances and cars, so do your part to help the cause!

Last modified: February 18, 2016

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