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How far could $900B Go In Securing our Energy Independence? Far. Very @$#%ing far.

Avatar for Dave Llorens
Published on 01/30/2009 in
Updated 01/30/2009

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In an attempt to meld art, science, economics, and politics this morning (whew!), I thought you all might find this illustration of energy scales… well, illuminating. I’ve circled in green the amount of solar energy hitting the earth in one day, annual U.S. electricity consumption, and a single kilowatt hour of electricity. Since an average American household uses 900 kilowatt hours per month, you might begin to get a sense of how much energy this is in the much grander scale of things.

The amount of solar energy penetrating the planet in one day eclipses the total amount of electricity the U.S. consumes every year by TWO orders of magnitude. Just think, now that you know what $68 Billion dollars worth of concentrating solar energy can buy us, imagine what we could do with just a fraction of the $900 Billion we’re about to spend on our “stimulus” plan. We could easily harvest enough energy with that money to account for all of our annual electricity usage!

Last modified: January 30, 2009

3 thoughts on “How far could $900B Go In Securing our Energy Independence? Far. Very @$#%ing far.

  1. Avatar for Togowack Togowack says:

    solar is ok if you aren’t already in debt, and most of the planet is covered in water so that part of your explanation is kind of silly.

  2. Avatar for cl cl says:

    All I want out of the damn govt. is just give me the loan (for alt energy) at the same rate the banks get (what… .02%??). IF, one could pay off a loan with energy savings… win win… (and it cannot be done at current ‘bank’ rates)

  3. Avatar for Deep Patel Deep Patel says:

    Dan, very good post explaining the obvious benefits of the power of the sun. I don’t think many people realized how much energy the sun gives our earth. I agree with you, a fraction of our bailout money could provide all the power America needs, but how would that make the fat cats in our society rich?

    It’s sad to see America going down the path of frivolous bailouts rather than supporting good ole fashion entrepreneurship.

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