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Solar Poetry

We thought it was so adorable to learn how well a 6th grader wrote about bacon in a variety of ways, that we’d try our hand doing similarly with solar:

Short Sentences

I like solar.
You like solar.
We like solar.

Compound Sentences

I like solar very much, so I talk about solar.
You like solar a lot, so you think about solar.
We like solar so much, so we write about solar.

Subject First

Solar is so amazing.
Solar is very shiny.
Solar is very sexy.

Adjectives First

Shiny solar on my roof.
Amazing solar on the ground.
Sexy solar in my mind.

Adverbs First

Quickly, I connected with solar experts to get comparison installation bids.
Quietly, I researched all the solar incentives in my state.
Happily, I saved a lot of money with my new shiny, sexy, amazing solar panels.

Last modified: October 19, 2012

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