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Solar Newsletter Shenanigans

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Published on 11/26/2014 in
Updated 03/04/2020

We love solar a whole bunch. So much that it might make us a little crazy sometimes. But we try to keep it the “fun at parties” kind of crazy, not the “guy who won’t stop sending you messages on OkCupid” kind. Which is why we were a little concerned that one of our newsletters inspired some righteous indignation this week.

Oh, you didn’t know we had a newsletter? Well, you should sign up to receive updates about solar in your area and our efforts to promote state solar best practices around the country.

Anywho, back to the topic at hand. We like to close each email to our subscribers with a topical animated GIF. GIFs leave an indelible impression on people—a fourth-dimensionality that a simple still image can’t accomplish. Who can forget the first time they saw these grandmas pretending to ride a roller coaster?

Oh, is this your first time?

We’ve been choosing fun and topical GIFs for the ends of our newsletters for a while. For example, in an email asking people whether they felt blindsided by getting an email from us, we put this GIF of a fisherman getting blindsided:

Next, in an email entitled “Do one simple thing to feel great today,” we offered this advice:

We once wrote a newsletter about how messy solar policy can be, and included the perfect visual metaphor:

Sometimes they miss the mark.

In one email, we asked our readers to stand up and be counted as solar advocates:

Which brings is to our recent newsletter. We shared links to our recent blog about ways to finance your solar installation, and because it’s right around thanksgiving time, we included this GIF, taken from the TV show Friends:

Well, one of our smart readers felt that we took it a bit too far with that last one. She tweeted:

However, once we replied with kindness and sincerity, she understood, and offered her own image for our viewing pleasure:

It’s great to be crazy, but it’s also great to be clear. We appreciate mieshelley’s comments and her sense of humor. We hope you like each and every GIF we post, but what’s more important is the content of our newsletters, which are often more helpful than they are hilarious.

Now where did we put that GIF folder? Oh yeah…

Last modified: March 4, 2020

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