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No, thank YOU, Cheryl from Minnesota!

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Published on 04/14/2015 in
Updated 04/14/2015

We got a nice warm fuzzy this week when we arrived at work. There was a small yellow envelope waiting for us, with a very kind note from one of the winners of our recent contest. Friend of the site Cheryl L. wrote:

Thank you for your promotion & my t-shirt win. It was a great way to introduce me to your company. I was surprised to learn that my state had only a 12 year payback period. Yay for Minnesota!
Thanks again

Cheryl L.

Yay for Minnesota indeed! You’ve got a great legislative base there, including support for community solar, and some good incentives too. When we revisit the state page for Minnesota later this year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that payback time go down a bit. Between now and then we might be hosting another giveaway, so keep watching the blog page!

Last modified: April 14, 2015

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