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Working at Solar Power Rocks (a Graphical Interpretation)

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Published on 01/26/2015 in
Updated 01/12/2015

As an engineer, my go-to for writing reports of any kind is to make a graph, so when Dan asked me to write a blog post about my time working at Solar Power Rocks, my first thought was obviously to crack open the ol’ Excel workbook. My next thought was to then color the graph in Solar Power Rocks Orange™ (also out of habit). From the looks of the graph, it might seem as though my time at Solar Power Rocks was plagued by dramatic highs and lows, but I should preface this post by saying that the whole experience has been a lot of fun and I am going to miss working here so much! I mean, what other workplace routinely has Whiskey Wednesdays? Anyway, on with the analysis.


Way back in early August, I had thrown everything I had at a job listing for the chance to research and write about solar policy, interface with current and potential solar customers, and even “eat some really interesting food” from time to time. After a phone interview, one failed attempt to meet up for an in-person interview, and one successful attempt, Dan offered me the job and I accepted it right away. Starting out, I was a little unsure of what exactly I would be doing at SPR, but “5” rating is a decidedly hopeful one.

In early September, I learned the ropes of researching state solar policy and was told that I would have the opportunity to write on nearly any topic I could somehow relate to solar. My initial list of blog post ideas included everything from “Solar Applications in the Star Wars Galaxy” to profiling the “World’s Sexiest Solar Installations.” Throughout the rest of the month, we continued to crank out state solar policy reports and on September 23rd, I got my very own Solar Power Rocks t-shirt (major high point, 8/10).

Solar TIE Fighter

Am I crazy or are those solar panels?

The sharp decline following the Bestowal of the T-Shirt can be attributed to the exquisite agony that was listening to the state video song ad nauseam while video editing – that’s a lot of solar savings intensity for any one person. Following that, there was the tedium that characterized the second half of the state solar policy reports, but the end was in sight! On October 22, we finalized the 2015 State Solar Rankings and sent them out to our loyal mailing list. To which they dutifully responded by crashing our site for a few hours.

The past couple weeks have been dedicated to sprucing up the site and even expanding our solar policy research to include Australian solar policy. On my last day, I was lucky enough to take part in the most recent #SolarChat and saw some real solar rockstars give us shout outs for our state report cards and our #SolarChat recap. I’m definitely leaving on a high note, but I have no doubt that Solar Power Rocks is only going to get bigger and better from here on out.


It’s not “goodbye,” it’s “see you later!”

Next week I’ll be flying down to SolarCity headquarters for training to become a PV Designer – that’s right, I’m continuing my quest to spread the gospel of solar! And if I’m lucky, Dan might let me keep writing dorky solar blog posts and crashing Whiskey Wednesdays. That might be stretching it, but hey – a girl can dream.




Last modified: January 12, 2015

One thought on “Working at Solar Power Rocks (a Graphical Interpretation)

  1. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:

    Katie, you are a freaking all-star. Thanks for everything you’ve done, and will do in the future.

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