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Massachusetts Solar Power Rebates and Incentives – Updated!

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Published on 10/11/2009 in
Updated 03/01/2014
Quabbin Reservoir, Enfield Massachusetts

Quabbin Reservoir, Enfield Massachusetts

In American History, Massachusetts has led the way in many notable trends:  Raucous tea parties, using “wicked” as a positive adjective, universal health care, and now solar energy. Yes indeed, we’ve just updated our Massachusetts solar page with much, if not all of what you need to know about going solar in Mass.

Despite the misconception that it’s too cold for solar or there’s not enough sun, the fact is Massachusetts hosts abundant solar energy potential and cold weather actually makes solar panels more efficient. As a result, the state legislature has backed that sun potential with generous solar rebates and incentives.

How much does that solar rebate luv add up for you to go solar?  Hard to say without dropping by and going over your energy usage, home value, and income level.  That’s why you need to get at least one or two free quotes from one of our partner installers. But before you do that, here’s the bottom line estimated cost for median income folk in near Boston who want to go solar.
This estimate does not include extra add-on’s for your home.

  • Pre-Rebate cost: $35,000 (Don’t Panic!)
  • State Rebate: Subtract $17,500.
  • Mass State tax credit: Subtract $1,000
  • 30% Federal tax credit: Subtract $5250
  • Estimated Net Cost: $11,250

(Worst case: estimated Net Cost for a person with above “median income” living in an above “median home value:” $20,000 net cost after all incentives.)

Also, you should know:

  • Payback period: Will vary depending qualifying rebates and how much rates rise. Worst case, about 14 years, but a few years sooner for moderate income/home people and if electric rates go up faster.
  • Your new electric bill: Average $4 bucks month before any utility fees/taxes.
  • Nasty CO2 Emissions Saving the planet: 9618lbs/year, or like not driving 11,500 miles a year or planting 18 square feet of trees. Thank you in advance for that.
  • Also, remember: If your main solar equipment is manufactured in Mass, you get a little bonus of .15/watt. For a 5kW system, subtract another $750.

So check out the full Mass page with a lot more info. Or cut through all that and just click below to get a free custom quote from one or two of our solar people on the ground there. Then you can talk Red Sox, Vineyards named after Martha Somebody, and your particular solar needs. Either way, thanks for reading this and considering getting solar. Also a big thanks to Mass legislators for making it pretty easy for you guys. Massachusetts people, you Rock!

Last modified: March 1, 2014

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Is there any information on whether or not SRECs are taxable income?


this is in 2009 are there any new updates for SREC and incentives for MA and NJ

The Federal Solar Tax Credit Has Stepped Down. It Steps Down Again In:

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