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Nevada Solar Case Study – Cayenne Engel

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Published on 10/14/2014
Updated 07/30/2019

Like many people who want to go solar, Cayenne Engel had assumed it was too expensive for her to afford. But after taking the time to do the research, she found that by stretching her budget around 15 dollars a month, she could enact her personal goal of being a better steward of the environment.

Cayenne Engel wasn’t sure if she could afford going solar, but one day, after seeing ads for Solar City, she decided it was time to do the research, which led her here to Solar Power Rocks. The rise in popularity of leasing solar panels led her to question if her initial impression–“I can’t afford this”–was true or not.

As is often the case when a person challenges conventional wisdom, Cayenne discovered that her initial impression was wrong. Not only could she make solar work, it was possible for her to buy her panels outright rather than leasing. What began as a longshot attempt to put her morals first and money second ended up a reality that saw her turning the switch on her own solar power array just a few weeks after we’d spoken with her.

For Cayenne, going solar was an ethical decision. She didn’t need it to save her a ton of money, though it’s estimated that she’ll see a profit once the loan she took out to pay for the system is completed. “I was interested primarily for environmental reasons,” she told us. “I just needed it to be something that didn’t cost a lot more than what I was currently paying.”

That ended up being more feasible for Cayenne than she expected. Initially, she’d looked at leasing options. But once she investigated further, it turned out owning looked like the best way for her to go solar. “Due to how many people were going with the leasing option, I kept reading about customer service issues and backups due to high demand.”

Cayenne strongly preferred going local, and once she’d narrowed her choices down, she selected Robco Electric because they featured a good balance between strong customer service and cost. She emphasized she took the time to do the research, because she wanted to get it right. Though it’s early yet, Cayenne is happy with her choice, saying, “The customer service is excellent and I was surprised at how fast everything moved.”

Once Cayenne selected an installer and arranged for financing, her next potential roadblock was her HOA. Would they have an issue with her slapping solar panels on her roof? Fortunately, like the potential expense itself, Cayenne’s fears were quickly dispelled. After gathering word from her neighbors that they had no issue with Cayenne’s choice to go solar, an approval followed shortly. In fact, some of her neighbors, even those she does not know well, are asking her about her solar experience.

Cayenne’s story shows that it’s possible to get solar power without breaking the bank or trying to save up until a magic number is reached (assuming you are able to get a loan). It’s all too easy to allow doubt to prevent you from pursuing your goal to move to alternative energy. Cayenne took the time to see if she could make it work and now, “I’m up and producing, and the excess is going back into the system.” Sometimes, it’s just that easy.

Last modified: July 30, 2019

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  1. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Is the $14.2K befor or after rebates? What do the financing terms look like ? Is the $14/ month NVEnergy bill including the $10 meter fee ?

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