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Solar power in New Jersey has 5 times the ROI of the desert

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Published on 06/16/2010 in
Updated 02/26/2014
this is a chart showing that subsidies make solar power in New Jersey more lucrative in NJ than the desert

Solar power in New Jersey smokes the desert when it comes to how lucrative solar is for homeowners. (Image credit: One Block Off the Grid)

If you’re interested in solar power in New Jersey for your home, you should make friends with our New Jersey solar power information page.

Last modified: February 26, 2014

2 thoughts on “Solar power in New Jersey has 5 times the ROI of the desert

  1. Avatar for Christopher Lollini Christopher Lollini says:

    Yeah tadatoshi makes a great point. Is this pictorial representation meant to show us that because we live in an “inhabited area” where there are government programs that financially compensate/aid the homeowner in paying for their system that we recoup the initial cost of our system quicker? I am assuming that is what this graph is saying, correct?
    Solar Power for Homes

  2. Avatar for tadatoshi tadatoshi says:

    It’s interesting. I would like to know more detail about how it was calculated.

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