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Solar Case Study – William Castle

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Published on 11/04/2014
Updated 11/05/2014

A lot of people think it takes a lot of up-front investment in order to utilize solar power. That can be true if you decide to buy outright, but leasing presents a way to get panels for those who are on a tight budget, as William Castle’s story shows.

Wanting to do as much as possible to preserve the environment is a popular answer when we talk to people about their solar power arrays. But it would be hard to match William’s passion on the subject, as he made it clear to us that he was an environmentalist and going solar was all about doing his part.

“I bought my first solar panels 30 years ago,” he told us, though it was never something that could be used as his primary source of energy. “I was constantly looking at moving to solar, considering the offers and incentives, but they always involved tax credits, which didn’t apply to me.” Like a large number of Americans, it wasn’t possible for William to pay up front and make the money back later. That meant his goal of using solar power for electricity had to wait.

When the option to lease came into the picture, William jumped at the chance. He knew that he wanted solar power, since he’d already experimented with how one or two panels generated energy. “I’d already done the research, so there weren’t any concerns at all.” The only factor was money. With his lease from Astrum Solar, William got exactly what he wanted. “I didn’t have to put up a cent, I get to profit off of any excess energy that I generate, and it leaves me with almost no electric bill.” In fact, the only extra cost for William was installing a satellite dish so that Astrum Solar could use the internet connection from the dish to monitor the system. William picked them after doing research
online, and feeling that their sales pitch was the best.

So far, there have been no issues with William’s set-up. Astrum Solar gets any incentives he’s eligible for, but since there were no initial costs, this isn’t a problem for him. We asked if William had any problems within his community and that was free and clear as well. “How could anyone be negative about it?” he asked. “Depending on the configuration, it doesn’t even change the look of the house at all.”

It does, however, draw people in, and William is happy to talk about his move to solar power. “I’m always telling others to get ahold of me.” With a little extra research, William was able to find a way to be environmentally conscious without breaking the bank. “I feel good, it’s a good thing, and now I don’t have any nuclear power coming my way.” For those who want to get panels and use green energy without taking out a loan, leasing may be worth exploring.

Last modified: November 5, 2014

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