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Very Generous Oregon Feed-in Tariff Program Set to Launch in July

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Published on 06/11/2010 in
Updated 02/17/2017

What follows below is the story of you waking up on a Saturday morning to Jesus knocking on your door:

YOU: “Who the hell is this?”

YOU: (put on pants)

YOU: (look through the peephole)

YOU: “Jesus Christ?! Oh, man what does he want? For Christ’s sake it’s Saturday. I’m not in the mood.”

YOU: (begrudgingly open the door)

SOLAR JESUS: “Hi sorry to bother you this morning, but I thought you might like to know that since you have a nice sunny south facing roof and it appears you own this fine Oregon home, that I would be willing and happy to give you $300 a month. Is it a deal?”

YOU: “Jesus? What? It’s Saturday I was going to come into church tomorrow I swear.”

SOLAR JESUS: “No, it’s true. Check it out. If I can install solar panels on your roof, your electric company – PGE Power right?”

YOU: “Yes, PGE. Bastards keep increasing my rates”

SOLAR JESUS: “Right those same PGE bastards will cut you a check for about $300 a month if you install solar on your home. Since I am Jesus, I will deliver their tithe to you.”

YOU: “Oh? For how many months? Is this some kind of ploy to get me all geeked out about solar energy but then I’m stuck holding the bag? I don’t think I’m interested in that.”

SOLAR JESUS: “15 years, my son.”

YOU: “What?! PGE will pay me $300 a month for 15 years if I install solar? That’s like $45,000! Are you sure about that? I don’t believe you.”

SOLAR JESUS: “No it’s true. See look here.”

SOLAR JESUS: (Pulls out what appears to be a bill from downstate Salem. HB 3909 to be exact.)

SOLAR JESUS: “This program starts next month in July, but will have a cap of about 3000 Oregon homes. Can I sign you up?”

YOU: “That sounds good, however aren’t these solar energy systems expensive? How am I gonna pay for it? There’s all these cutbacks around work, the economy doesn’t seem to be getting better, I just don’t know.”

SOLAR JESUS: “Ok, Amen. But check it out. We can install a solar energy system with a 20 year warranty on your house that will eliminate $60 a month off of your electric bill. Couple that with the $300 a month PGE will pay you and you are ahead $360 a month. You with me still?”

YOU: “Yeah, that sounds simple, but you still haven’t gotten to the cost part. How much do I need to pay for that system Jesus?”

SOLAR JESUS: “Right, we can install that system for $32,500.”

YOU: “Christ.” (Begin to close the door on Solar Jesus)


YOU: “Dude, I just told you I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars right now. What’s there to wait more for?”

SOLAR JESUS: “I can easily get you a loan for your solar system. You’ll only have to pay $250 a month! You would immediately be saving $110 a month! Here look at this.”

SOLAR JESUS: (shows you a nifty graph as cherubs fall from the heavens)

SOLAR JESUS: “See how there’s more dollars and electricity savings every month than there is cost? It would be like me, walking by your house, over the Willamette from Nazareth and giving you 2 tickets to the Opera every month for 15 years.”

YOU: “I hate opera.”

SOLAR JESUS: “It’d be like me giving you 30 square watermelons every month at no cost to you!”

YOU: “You’re getting warmer, but what the hell am I gonna do with 30 watermelons every month?”

SOLAR JESUS: “It’d be like me walking by your house, opening your mail slot, and shoving in one hundred and ten one dollar bills every month.”

YOU: “Are you insinuating that I frequent strip clubs?”

SOLAR JESUS: “I know all, my son. Would you like $110 a month immediately or not? I’ll do all the necessary paperwork.”

YOU: “Fine.”

The above is a completely accurate representation of the Feed-in Tariff recently approved by the Oregon Public Utilities commission. Calculations assume a 5kw system installed, and a loan for $30,000 amortized over 15 years at a rate of 5%. The program starts in July 2010, will be limited to 25MW, which would be gobbled up by approximately 3000 Oregon homes and small businesses in a jiffy.

If you live in Oregon, you should definitely fill out our form to get yourself into a collective buying group with our partner, One Block off the Grid. By going solar together in a group, you can wind up receiving even more than $110/month. Sign up before all the watermelons are spoken for!!!

Last modified: February 17, 2017

7 thoughts on “Very Generous Oregon Feed-in Tariff Program Set to Launch in July

  1. Avatar for Peter Greenberg Peter Greenberg says:

    also remember there is a $10 fee for the meter, insurance that will cost about $200 per year and the FIT is taxable where the ETO/RETC is not for a residential customer. In many cases the FIt is not as good a deal as the existing program It depends on your tax rate, how much electric prices go up and many other factors

  2. Avatar for Matt C Pierce Matt C Pierce says:

    Ah, yes, the program is all that AND a bag of chips. The downside? You had to apply in the first 15 minutes, after that it was “sold out”. Fear not, there will be another “application period” on October 1st. The feed in tariff rate may be different though, and by different, I mean lower, so your payback information would change.

  3. Avatar for Bill Bill says:

    But PGE does not provide service where I live; we have municipal power, purchased from BPA by the city and delivered to our home. Are we covered?

  4. Avatar for celticsolar celticsolar says:

    I read another review of the Oregon FIT program here:

    they found it lacking in several key areas

  5. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    How much is the feed-in tariff per kWh? What assumptions is the $300 per month based on?

  6. Avatar for Christof Christof says:

    Do Oregon residents get a utility rebate on the purchase of the solar system too, or do they get the feed-in tariff only?

    1. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:

      Hey Christof,

      Good to hear from you again. As far as we know, Oregon residents would forgo the additional energy trust rebates and be paid only the feed in tariff. They of course are still eligible for the 30% Federal tax credit.

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