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Clear info on home solar power rebates, tax credits, and other benefits

Our mission

Solar Power Rocks is committed to giving homeowners a clear picture of the policy, incentives, and investment returns on home solar panel installations. We also recognize the best states for solar and clearly illustrate how all state legislatures can encourage residential solar energy growth based on the best practices in the most successful states.

We are doing our best to change the perceptions of legislators, decision makers, homeowners, and business-owners alike to get more solar technology on roofs. Our activities include educating our readers about their local subsidies and solar related legislation, as well as connecting them to solar installers in their areas to make their dream of renewable energy a reality.

Solar Power Rocks was founded in 2007 by two lifelong friends and entrepreneurs, Dan Hahn and Dave Llorens. They shepherded the business through the 2010s until selling it to the guys from Wave Solar, who work with installers all over the USA to help connect people who are interested in solar with the companies that do it best.

Ben Zientara – Lead solar researcher and policy analyst/site administrator

Ben ZientaraBen Zientara is a writer, researcher, and data analysis expert who’s worked for clients in the sustainability, public administration, and clean energy sectors. He’s been with SPR since 2014, doing most of the research, design, development, layout, writing and social media outreach for the site. His pride and joy is our annual State Solar Power Rankings Report.

Ben earned his B.S. in Scientific & Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota in 2013, with special coursework in Environmental Science and a minor in Sustainability Studies. He spends his time away from the solar power world cooking and eating delicious food or spending quality time with his wife and kids, traipsing around the Portland metro area’s mountains, woods, parks, and playgrounds.

If you’d like to get in touch with SPR for any reason, Ben’s your guy. Reach out here.

Colin Walsh – Wave Solar CEO

Colin WalshColin is a passionate renewable energy advocate who helps to run Wave Solar as CEO in San Francisco. Wave Solar owns Solar Power Rocks and builds sales software for residential solar installers to grow their businesses. Before this, Colin ran the marketing for the nations largest home solar lender Mosaic, a company that has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners to go solar by funding over $1bil of low cost home solar loans.

Before Mosaic, Colin helped to start a couple of AdTech companies. He was the CEO of Unite Inc, which was an Enterprise Data Management Platform that sold to Operam, and was CEO of VisiSeek, which sold to AudienceX.

Wade Hobb – President, Wave Solar

Wade HobbWade is the President of Wave Solar and has been working with residential solar companies since 2009. He’s a digital marketing expert and was formerly the VP of Marketing for One Block Off The Grid, a solar customer acquisition company that sold to Pure and then NRG.

His company Between Ads Inc. helped to market residential solar across the US, and he’s generated tens of thousand of installed solar systems with his work. He was also the VP of of Product for DoubleDing and Senior Director of Digital Markets for LeadClick media.


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