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Published on 07/29/2019 in
Updated 07/29/2019
Solar Power Rocks to use solar calculator

PORTLAND, Ore. Jul. 18, 2019 — Pioneering home solar education website has announced they will be adding the solar panel calculator to their website.

For some time, homeowners using Solar Power Rocks (SPR) have wanted to estimate the solar savings potential of their homes but SPR was reluctant to offer tools that might produce inaccurate results.

“In the past, we’ve offered only general examples of the savings homeowners might see by installing solar panels, because there hasn’t been an online solar calculator that can model the effect of things like time-of-use electricity billing and shading,” said Ben Zientara, head of content at SPR.

“With the calculator, homeowners will be able to accurately estimate energy production and savings for their own home. It’s by far the most accurate and easy-to-use online solar estimator, and we at SPR are delighted to be the second 3rd-party site to use it.”

The new online calculator supplements the extensive solar education resources SPR offers its users free of cost.

SPR is famous for its annual state solar power rankings, which contain analysis of solar power policy, incentives and the overall attractiveness of home solar energy in each state. Since 2010, these annual reports have been covered and referenced by media outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post, and green-focused websites like Greentech Media and CleanTechnica.

According to Andrew Sendy, CEO of Solar Investments Inc. group: “SPR has long been recognized as a top source of information about solar power. If you talk to anyone working in the residential solar power industry today — including me — they will probably tell you they learned the basics of home solar on SPR. We’re thrilled that SPR has selected’s calculator to complement their excellent consumer information resources. We look forward to assisting SPR site users on their solar journey.”

The Solar-Estimate calculator, besides being available on SPR and itself, is also used on, the leading website for solar-related consumer reviews.


Solar-Estimate’s solar calculator was developed with a grant from the Department of Energy and with close support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL). It builds on NREL’s PVWatts calculator to provide a detailed estimate of the costs and savings of installing home solar panels. Results are tailored to the user’s zip code, and take into account a wide array of factors including local utility rates, climate conditions, time-of-use electric rates and applicable government incentives and rebates. uses the government-audited Genability electric usage profile modelling software to accurately model the effect of a solar system on a homeowner’s electric usage and power bill over the course of each day and the seasons of the year. Without such software any online solar savings estimates will be wildly inaccurate. It is currently the only website that offers this level of solar savings calculation accuracy free on the internet, and so has genuine claim to the only accurate, free online solar panel calculator.

Last modified: July 29, 2019

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