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Massachusetts Homeowners – Profit From Your Roof Space!

We’ve helped 1000s of Massachusetts homeowners save an average of $36.44 a month on their electric bills! Go solar for $0 down and profit by making your own electricity!

Did you know your home could qualify for $0 down solar and instantly save you significant money on your monthly electric bills? Some utilities are actually giving cash to homeowners to generate clean, renewable solar energy on their rooftops.

It’s easy, affordable, and it will save you money.

see what solar power can save you on your electric bill
  • Deals on Solar: Pre-negotiated, turnkey deals on solar for your area
  • As little as $0-Down: Lease and cash options available – we can help you decide.
  • Save time, make it easy. We evaluate your home over the phone and answer all your questions.
  • No Obligation: Signing up to see your solar savings is free and requires no commitment.

Details on the “Rent Your Roof” Program

Qualifying homes can get solar installed for nothing down. Zero. Upon installation, your electric bill is reduced to a rate significantly lower than what you’re currently paying. These lower rates are locked in for the next 20 years. As you may know, utilities commonly raise rates every year or so. For you, no longer!

Benefits of the program include:

  • Many homes in your area qualify for $0 Down home solar
  • Lower electric rates than your current payments
  • Your new, lower rates are locked in for 20 years (utilties usually raise your rates EVERY year).
  • Generating solar electricity is environmentally friendly and you can do it for $0 down with instant savings on your bills.
  • If you qualify, it doesn’t cost you a dime to go solar AND you’ll save on your monthly bills for the next 20 years! It’s a no-brainer

Apply now and see if you qualify!

Other benefits of going solar:

Renewable Power Generation
Solar electric power is a renewable, or sustainable, energy source. It provides utility grade power without the dependence on dirty fossil fuels, which is how most power utilities produce electricity today.

Solar electric systems are very reliable. There are no moving parts. Solar panels often have warranties extending up to 25 years. Solar inverters, used to convert DC from the solar panels to AC for your house, have warranties up to 10 years. Very little is needed to maintain your solar panels other than a seasonal spray off with a hose.

Zero Emissions
Unlike most of the electricity generated by utility companies across the country, solar power produces no emissions. Best of all, you will enjoy decades of clean sustainable power – free and clear.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to find out if you qualify for $0 down solar and instantly start saving on your monthly electric bills!

see what solar power can save you on your electric bill

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