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SPR Report Card 2010 – Part 7 – State Tax Credit Overview

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Published on 08/27/2010 in
Updated 01/18/2019

About the chart above:

While state tax credits do not account for a huge chunk of the overall solar incentive pie (4% of the overall report card), they can be an important factor consider, especially if you have some personal tax liability. In certain circumstances, state tax credits can provide a very powerful incentive for people to go solar.

For example, pretend you’re in Idaho. Yeah, some people give Idaho a bad wrap, though if you were to have $20,000 in personal tax liability and live there, you could install a fine 3kW solar system for about $20,000 and write off the whole shebang on your taxes – installation, permitting, metering, everything! Free electricity! That’s pretty sweet.

Also, one of our readers pointed out that in Louisiana, you may install multiple systems and qualify for their $12,500 tax credit multiple times. Nice tidbit to know!

The details on all the state tax credits above were sourced in August of 2010, from the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

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Last modified: January 18, 2019

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Tanner Bishop
Tanner Bishop

Hey, just looking at your cool site and wanted to let you know that Arizona’s state tax credit for residential solar installations is actually capped at $1,000 (not $25,000). The commercial solar tax credit in Arizona is capped at $25,000. Good work and thanks for making all this information available!


If a golf car fleet utilizes solar tops each containing 200 watt panels, does the combination of the entire fleet (for example 50 cars x 200 W = 10 kW) count towards the total kW? Would a system like that even qualify for a California tax credit?

Anyone knowing an expert CPA on energy tax credits for these questions would be greatly appreciated?

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