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Top 5 Outdoor Solar Lights for 2020

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Published on 02/22/2019 in
Updated 03/09/2020
Solar lights outside home

Solar power makes everything better, and that’s never so true as in the case of outdoor solar lights. Who wants to run wires under their yard to power dozens of little landscape lights? Nobody we know.

Whether your heart’s desire is a yard that shines with a beautiful glow, a garage kept safe by motion-sensing security lights, or just the ability to see when you’re walking around after dark, solar lights are the most convenient, eco-friendly way to add a little light to your night!

Our picks for best outdoor solar lights in 2019:

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When we say “best” we’re not just bloviating. We put these lights through their paces in the one of the most demanding locations in the USA: cloudy Portland, Oregon! We ran through many of the available products on the market and picked our favorites. And we actually found a break in the Portland clouds and took full advantage to grab some great shots of the winners in action.

Without further ado, here are our favorite outdoor solar lights of 2019:

Sunforce 150-LED Triple Head Motion-sensing Solar Security Light

Sunforce 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it gets dark pretty early in the wintertime, meaning the commute home from work ends at a dark driveway. That is, of course, unless you have a motion-sensing garage light installed!

This Sunforce Triple-Head Solar Motion light is perfect for people who want to add a motion-sensing light, but don’t want to go through the hassle of wiring up a junction box and drilling holes in the side of their garage.

It comes with two large pieces and assorted hardware, packed tightly into form-fitting cardboard cut-outs. Installation is a breeze, requiring just 5 screws. The solar panel is powerful enough to provide all-night brightness to the light, and its 15-foot-long, thin power cable can be hidden under or behind eaves and downspouts, making it almost invisible.

The 150 LED lights in the triple-headed main unit provide very good illumination, and the motion sensor can be set to detect movement from near to far, and keep the light on for up to 2 minutes after detection. The light unit can also be set to continuous off or on position, if you’d prefer not to have it triggered every time you move.

All-in-all, this is a far superior solution to hard-wired motion lights, because it is easy to mount, easy to move, and requires no power other than the sun!

Read user reviews and buy here:

Brightown Solar LED String Lights

LITOM Solar LED String Lights

These Brightown solar string lights come in a pack of two, with each string holding 100 warm yellow LEDs.

The little solar panel comes with an adjustable-angle mounting stake and several feet of lead wire without LEDs, allowing the panel to be mounted in the sun and the lights to be hung or strung exactly where you want them.

The strings a made of very thin silver-colored wire with an LED every couple inches, and can be wrapped around fence posts, patio umbrella supports, and more, providing a warm yellow glow that shines from dusk until dawn. The strings and solar panel are waterproof, meaning you can leave these lights up for good once they’re where you want them.

Sold at a very attractive price, these lights are economical enough to give decorate every tree on your property with a glowing yellow string!

Read user reviews and buy here:

Beau Jardin Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights

Beau Jardin Outdoor Solar Lights

You know how you can tell someone lives in Oregon? Their backyard walking path is covered in moss! As you can see from the picture above, it might be hard to tell the path from the yard when you’re walking in from the car. That’s why these beautiful solar pathway lights are so great!

Arriving in packs of 4 or 8, these lights cast a lovely pattern that lights your way along a dark path. Durable and waterproof with a brushed-silver finish, the lights come with stakes to mount them in the ground and on/off switches so you can set them to stay dark when they’re not needed.

Read user reviews and buy here:

Flickering Solar LED Torch

Flickering Solar LED Torch

This is definitely a strong contender for our favorite outdoor solar lights of all time! This flickering LED solar torch can be charged with its built-in solar cell, but also with a mini USB plug that comes in the package!

These lights can be set to flicker like a torch, glow consistently bright, or slowly fade in and out. The housing is dark colored with a tasteful stamped metal design, and the light itself shines a warm orange color. Get the feeling of an island getaway in your own backyard, without the fire hazard!

Read user reviews and buy here:

URPOWER Waterproof Solar Security Light

URPOWER Waterproof Motion-sensing Solar Security Light

If you’re looking for something a little different in the solar motion-light camp, check out these URPOWER solar motion lights. They can be flush-mounted to any number of surfaces, and provide a strong white light to keep you safe in the dark.

These URPOWER solar motion lights really fulfill the promise of “outdoor solar lights,” because they’re waterproof, bright, durable, and easy to use.

Installation is a snap, with just one screw holding each light to the surface its mounted on. The lights come with a special push-pin tool to activate the motion sensor, making it possible to turn off the function if you don’t need it, and impossible for someone else to deactivate them without a tool.

Read user reviews and buy here:

And there you have it! Although we mostly spend our time writing about home solar power, we recognize the great potential and life-improving qualities of good solar outdoor lights. Until next time!

Last modified: March 9, 2020

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