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#PutSolarOnIt day is June 21st

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Published on 06/14/2016 in
Updated 02/28/2018

Humans have enjoyed a long history of putting things on other things. We’ve put stuff on our cats, we’ve Put on the Ritz, and—runner up to our personal favorite—we’ve put a donk on it:

But seriously, folks. #PutSolarOnIt is a very important awareness-building campaign begun in 2014 by our friends at Mosaic, and it’s been spreading far and wide ever since, championed by an ever-growing coalition of solar power companies and admirers.

It’s all about recognizing the naked roofs around you, and seeing the potential for solar power. After all, with some of our largest cities starting to aim for 100% renewable electricity, we think it’s extremely important to recognize the ways solar can be a part of our future.

In fact, we think solar is the best way to ensure we’ve got reliable, clean power for generations to come. And we’re gonna need that if we want to keep sharing all these electronic pictures of cats with stuff on them…

Last modified: February 28, 2018

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