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A new iPod Nano to the Best Logo Idea

Winner of the Logo Competition has been Selected!

New iPod Nano 8Gig Black

Ain’t the new iPod Nano the cutest damn thing you ever did see?! I just want to eat it.

Solar Power Rocks needs a logo!

We’re giving away this new 8-gig iPod Nano to the person who comes up with the best logo idea, plain and simple. Here’s how the competition works:

It starts today. Start submitting ideas now and we’ll pick a winner at noon on Nov 15th.

You can submit either a written idea for a logo, or an image of that idea. Post the idea or the picture in the comments. You also may email them to us (dave AT and we’ll append this blog post.

Some important details:

  1. If someone submits a duplicate idea, we’ll go with the first one submitted.
  2. If someone submits a written idea and someone else posts an image of that idea that we decide to go with, we’ll pick the image for the win.
  3. Here’s the messy one, ready?: Say someone posts a written idea and someone else later posts an image of that idea. However, if we decide we like the written concept and make our own image reflecting it, we will pick the original written idea for the win.
  4. You don’t have to post your idea to win… If you don’t want the world to see it, just me, let me know when you submit it and I will not post to the thread. you still can win, and your time of submission still counts. However, if it’s good enough to win I can’t imagine not wanting to post it.

Confused yet? Hopefully that’s pretty clear.

Things to think about… Our mission: to prove that solar power in many states is a smart money move… Why does solar power rock? What would make you laugh or smile if you saw it on a T-shirt?

Good luck!

• Time of submission takes priority. What this means is that if you submit an idea now, and someone submits the same idea later, your idea, if chosen, would win.

First Email Idea is in (10/31/07 11:46 AM) from S.E. :

Idea1:You could try a rock-like sun flexing its rock-like muscles, the sun would look kinda like The Thing from the Fantastic 4 comics.

Idea2:Or just one a big rock, that glows with light and “Solar Power” is written on it.

I’m sure some more will come to me, if you want I could sketch them a bit, I am somewhat of a beginning illustrator and I say beginning because i mostly suck at it but I really enjoy drawing.

Second Email Idea is in (11/3/07 11:46 AM) from C T :

Sun SOcket logo84

Third Email Idea is in (11/3/07 11:46 AM) from Amy:


Fourth Email Idea is in (11/4/07 ) from R B:

solar logo

Fifth Email Idea is in (11/4/07 ) from MY MOM (thanks, mom) (no, she will not be getting preferential treatment):


Sixth Email Idea is in (11/4/07 ) from J B:

solar logo

Seventh Email Idea is in (11/4/07 ) from D P:


From the comments below:





From A.D.:

From A.M:


loxo455x LogoXcc ideaslogo Solar PowerLogo Rad7876 asdgsadg asdgasdg FistLogo rocstar SPR BIG2 asdgsadgdgsda SPF fist asgasdgddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddd solar power engergy green picture solar power engergy green picture 2solar power engergy green picture 2 khkhkjhkkjh solar power energy green logo solar renewables sun power energy solar logo solar energy logo contest SGSDAGSDG OMG SO MANY LOGOS OMG BBQ OMG SO MANY LOGOS OMG BBQ2 OMG SO MANY LOGOS OMG BBQ3 OMG SO MANY LOGOS OMG BBQ3 OMG SO MANY LOGOS OMG BBQ5

Last modified: January 15, 2019

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the one that said solar power rock and the other reson why i enter i because i want to make my brothers ,sisters ,mom and dad jeloues


and the winner is?

Bill Longworth
Bill Longworth

What, no Sun-as-Elvis attempts? I would have thought that idea would have been a lock.

Bill Longworth
Bill Longworth

I should also add that my designs are free to use, regardless of how the contest turns out. This blog is working toward something worthwhile, and that deserves support, even in the form of some simple doodles.

David Llorens
David Llorens

Thanks, Bill!

Bill Longworth
Bill Longworth

Small tweaks to the previous set. I put the variations together vertically rather than horizontally to take up less page space and added a bit more color.

Bill Longworth
Bill Longworth

Another take. Contests like this are always interesting for me since I always find I like a blend of different logos more than any single one. It’s also interesting to note that any logo can be tweaked any of a million ways, making it hard to know if you’ve covered your bases. Still, it is great practice.


My proposition is here..

Bye all

Bill Longworth
Bill Longworth

Definitely some good concepts here…

Beth Swan
Beth Swan

Oooh iPod Nano . . . ;) Awesome!

Just in case the embedded doesn’t work:
I could give you a high res Illustrator file if picked which would be scalable for all purposes. Wish me luck!


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