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Write us some Digg-Juice…. Win a Nano.

Avatar for Dave Llorens
Published on 11/24/2007 in
Updated 11/24/2007
*note to the cynics: look around our site before judging this post or our intentions… If you’re coming from digg I know you’re assuming we’re going to try to make money from you in some way. We’re not. Do we make any money? No, we make negative money and plenty of it.

nano pic 3
What’s up, INTERNETS!? We had so much success with our Logo competition that we’re offering another competition… An article writing competition.

We want people to put solar power systems on their homes and businesses so less greenhouse gas is pumped into the atmosphere and the ice-caps don’t melt and I don’t have to move out of my sweet, sea-level San Francisco apartment… YES! YOU FIGURED IT OUT, this website is all an elaborate attempt to avoid moving (via boat).

We hope that educating the public will lead to them buying solar power…. So what’s wrong with that? Well, problem is that it’s FREAKING BORING. Do people from or come here to read about how photovoltaics work? NO! They want pop culture… They want Chris Cooper and Britney Spears coochie shots… They want videos of dogs on skateboards and pictures of things blowing up. We don’t have that.

So that’s where you come in. Do something good. Write a clever article that gets social networking traction.. something that floods our site with a blast of people who come to see boobs or celecbrity gossip that is in some way solar power related…. and have those people stay to read a few articles about how solar power systems can stick enough cash in your wallet in 30 years to put your kids through college. It’s innanet bait-and-switch, yo! What’s the prize this time? Another damn iPod Nano!!!
Here’s how it works:
You write an article and email it to us. If it’s good, we’ll at some point publish it on our site. The first person to submit an article that lands on the front page of wins the nano. Here are some other points:

  • The winner will probably have the option of writing more articles for us in exchange for money, as will some of the non-winners.
  • We get the rights to any article you submit to the competition and are free to do whatever we want with it. Change it, post it, or put ketchup on it and eat it. Hopefully because of your writing… some dude or chick somewhere gets solar power installed on their house, and everyone wins. That’s the whole point of this.
  • The article must be your own… You must have generated it. It cannot be a reproduction or plagiarized version of anything else out there on the web.
  • The nano, just like the logo competition, is one of the cuter shorter fatter ones that also does video.
  • The article needs to be about solar power…. or well, man it’s gotta be at least loosely related to solar power.

Last modified: November 24, 2007

8 thoughts on “Write us some Digg-Juice…. Win a Nano.

  1. Avatar for Diana McCaul Diana McCaul says:

    They were beautiful. Most of them are. Breasts that is. Mine were fabulous thirty years ago. So was the talk about solar . . . fabulous. Just like my perky pair, well I got your attention, even if for a moment.

    Solar is pretty fabulous and has come a long way since the days of giant panels that gave us mostly warm/hottish . . . “oh, bleepity bleep the sun went behind a cloud temperature water.” Even Alaska has solar, at least that’s what I’ve heard, but it could just be one of those fish stories they are so fond of in those parts.

    Anyway back to naked, sun tanned parts, oh poop we can’t even worship it now. I know it’s a plot to get us to buy gobs of carcinogenic creams to prevent cancer. “Hey, does that really make sense?” It’s not supposed to Margaret, just like what happened to all those quiet, fast, zippy, electric cars . . . I know there is a connection . . .

    Well here is a way to get you TURNED ON about solar.

    What if your local government felt that global warming had heated up to the point that they would help you finance the cost of going solar and then, it gets better, let you amortize it through your tax assessment, that gets passed on, should you decide to sell your home?

    That’s what the city of Berkly did recently. You can look it up Margaret. Other cities are also getting fired up. The State capital of Oregon has gone green.

    Naked breasts. Okay it is gratuitous,but, you are still with me, my lecherous friend.

    Recently, at a group meeting of the “Post Petroleum Group” I was amazed to hear that there are people who still consider nuclear an alternative. Two of us raised our hands, our question identical, “What do you do with the waste?” There is no real solution to that question. There is however a way to stop killing our oh, so precious, space-ship-mother. It starts with each of us, we can do lots of small, really important things, yes Margaret I’ll mention the clothe napkins, but solar would change those alternatives in ways people don’t yet even begin to see.

    Oh, yeah sun tanned, naked, fill in your favorite body parts, glistening in the sun, touched by nature’s vitamin D, filling up the soul with nutrients, transforming into life giving chlorophyl that fuels us all.

    While the immediate effect of solar power is a reduction in greenhouse gases, in the long run it will benefit dwindling salmon and trout reserves that depend on un -sullied, un-dammed rivers to procreate. How would you like someone messing with your mojo? Especially before game time. Huh, fellas? Additionally it can reduce the carbon footprint that large urban areas create. In a a double D kinda way.

    Small, perky, sun tanned butts.

    So what are you waiting for, your Starbucks latte?
    Tax credits, clean air, less noise, a reduction in lung related illnesses. Maybe even nicer people… yes it’s true Margaret, when people don’t get enough oxygen they are cranky. Oh did I mention that all those ugly electric lines could be a thing of the past?

    Okay, just to keep you hangin’ in, bare naked . . . ankle. Well it would have been enough in the Renaissance.

    How would you like to be paid for generating electricity? How would you like to live in a cleaner place with less pollution and maybe, just maybe, you won’t wake up from another one of those dreams where you are swimming with the polar bears.

    Solar power can take us to that place. For years we have been singing , “It’s the end of the world as we know it . . .” Perhaps that could be a good thing.

    Oh, yeah, your reward for hanging in there: glorious, happy, naked, lungs (not those you ” perve”).

    By the way Margaret is serious about those napkins.

  2. Avatar for Chris Cochran Chris Cochran says:

    Hey, just found your site. I dig it! Here’s something for your article competition, hope you like it. Thanks.

    December 5, 2007


    Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Daryl Hannah, and Alicia Silverstone. What do these celebrities have in common? No, I’m not referring to the fact that most everyone across this great nation of ours wants to either be or do him or her. I am instead referring to the fact that these celebrities, along with others are more environmentally motivated than you or I. Well, more than myself anyways.
    Being a cynical soul, I have a tendency to drag the rest of you down to my level from time to time. Uncertain to the definition of what a cynical person, or cynic is? Look it up! You’re most likely on line right now and have the ability to pull up Google right? I love that Google stuff. Gives me the power to look up anything about everything.
    Which brings me back to my point. While online recently expanding my overall knowledge about everything under the Sun, I thought to myself, “What about the Sun?” With everyone and their grandma on the “Living Green” kick these days, I figured I would start doing my part and at least gain some knowledge on the abundance of alternative energy resources available to me. So, off I went, on a virtual adventure across the cyber world to learn what I could about solar energy. Now imagine my surprise when I discovered not only did I know diddlysquat about solar energy and the vast resources available to me in regards to this topic, but also people of a celebrity status are actually being pro-active about the whole “Green Situation.” Amazing!
    Now, I don’t want you to misunderstand me, I don’t personally have anything against these people, these “celebrities. It’s just that throughout my lifetime I have developed a general distaste for most people regarded as famous, wealthy, or socially influential. I rarely watch television. Never read gossip magazines. Truthfully, when people attempt to give me any information on anyone “famous” I tend to snub them. They would begin with, “Hey did you hear about old what’s his name and that one gal?” Where as I would respond with, “Who cares?” That would be the end of it. I mean really, what do their dramas’ have to do with me? Again, at this time I would like to encourage anyone out there with out the understanding of the definition to cynicism to take a moment to learn something knew today. Learning is cool. That of course is my opinion and not an actual proven fact. I have to confess, however, sometimes learning is also a humbling experience.
    So, there I was, humbled. Thanks to members of a social status that I consistently belittle. What was I doing to help Mother Earth, my fellow man, or my local community? According to a website that I stumbled upon where the before mentioned celebrities, along with a list of others, belong to a group called the BP Solar Neighbors Program, I was apparently doing nothing. The skinny of it is this; the celebrities in the program support solar energy and green living. They purchase a solar system for their home or what not and BP in turn donates a similar system to a low-income family in the south central Los Angeles area. This helps the family with finances in the area of their energy bill as well as helping to educate them on energy efficiency and green living in general. So, here I am, ranting and raving on a daily basis about what could be done to help the world, or what should be done to help people, while these folks have been actively involved for some years now. As I said, gaining knowledge can be a humbling experience.
    So, having been humbled by those I often refer to as self absorbed and shallow, I have found inspiration to look even further into the current “Green Movement” and what I can do to help. After all, I’m a cynic not a hypocrite.
    What I am now suggesting to you the readers and anyone you may wish to attempt to influence through word of mouth, is to sit there on your lazy you know what, open another internet window and gain yourself some knowledge.
    After all, what else do you have to do? You can always see who’s cheating on who when you’re in line at the grocery store buying your fat free, soy enriched yogurt. How often though, are you presented with the opportunity to see what these same people are doing for you, me, the environment, or the world in general?
    Even though I still don’t know what Brad was thinking leaving Jen!

  3. Avatar for Matt Matt says:

    Well.. no length specifications.. or “e-mail your article here” instructions.. I suppose I’ll begin?

    Solar Power = Common Sense––the two phrases go hand in hand. If the opportunity to use solar power is presented to an individual, and that individual decides against it despite easy accessibility, that individual has displayed a serious lack of basic common sense.

    All of a sudden it is “trendy” to be environmentally conscious. Turning off the lights when their not in use has always been the cardinal rule, but with computers, television and everything else we use to survive these newly basic futuristic necessities of technological life––it hardly matters what we do. This new “green” lifestyle has taken over our ideals thanks to our friend Mr. Gore, but he has simply reminded us that the world is at a loss when it comes to using common sense.

    Remember those solar-powered calculators we’d buy for 50 cents in grade school? This “solar power” phenomenon is nothing new, its just not popular because big corporations couldn’t make any money if we all generated our own electricity. Albeit the companies making these solar panels will, I’d rather give MY money to a group of individuals that have an understanding of planet Earth and its resources. Electric companies use power to generate more power, yet we still have a limited supply…

    Solar power companies give our world the opportunity to experience an unlimited supply of energy, an opportunity we’ve never had before. Imagine being able to leave all the lights on at your house, watch all the tv you want, and drive for hundreds of miles in your electric car just for hell of it with no remorse! Solar power is the future (whether you like it or not!). Yet, it is only the beginning as human beings continually strive to utilize their surroundings.

    Naturally, once solar power catches on and it’s as common as the VCR (now practically obsolete), there will be some new problem associated with “absorbing too much sunlight,” or whatever, since it’s just gotta be “too good to be true.” But hey, there’s only one way to find out! Things certainly aren’t going in a positive direction right now, but at least with solar power, it’ll still be safe to breath. Besides, if global warming continues and the Earth gets to hot, we’ll still have plenty of energy to just air-condition the atmosphere! Win win, and win again.

  4. Avatar for Scott Scott says:

    I’ll make you a deal: you pay me market rate for my article now, and then when we get to the “probably have the option of writing more articles for us in exchange for money…” point, I’ll do one for free.

    How’s that sound?

    1. Avatar for raondom-individual-117823 raondom-individual-117823 says:

      I think you don’t get the gist of the offer/proposition — work then reward.

  5. Avatar for John John says:

    We all know everything in our solar system revolves around the sun. We know we depend on it to support and sustain life. Logic should tell us then that the same life supporting force, that makes plants grow, and keeps our whole world from being a frozen earth sickle, can produce the energy for our homes.

    It can, without the pollution of using fossil fuels, or burning any other additional materials. As the sun is already burning.

    and even more, after the panels are installed. The sun is an amazing energy provider that costs absolutely nothing.

    Why is not everywhere?
    we’ll lets look at 3 points of the common state of things.
    Oil prices are rising (and the company’s are making record profits)

    The environment is suffering due to global warming.

    There’s a war going on, which we can not refute is in a region that is a huge producer of oil, between oil tycoons.

    That being 3 small points consider the good to the individual and the world…

    No emissions, no harm to the environment

    no one so far has been able to buy and sell the sun, and unjust energy profit gouging should end

    and we all have it available, and we have one less thing to fight about.

    So see the light, get out of the dark (and debt)
    and look into the power of solar power. If not for you, then for the future.

    The sun… Life depends on it

    1. Avatar for David Llorens David Llorens says:

      Dude. That’s it? Hmmmm. I see your Hmmmm and raise you one “Whaaa?”

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