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Dan and Dave are feuding, please help.

Avatar for Dave Llorens
Published on 09/18/2008 in
Updated 07/24/2018

We have differing opinions about our t-shirts.  We will not say who is for what side, though would like to pose this question to the public as we cannot come to any resolution.


  • 150 shirts will be distributed to avid readers of our site as part of a challange.  They are plain white shirts with printing on one side ONLY (front).


Which of these two options for the front of the shirt will:1) generate more conversation?2) be worn more in public?3) ultimately be responsible for more traffic on our website?

Please comment below the post, and include any applicable expertise (for example, if you design t-shirts or are an online marketing executive, that information would be helpful)   


Update 9/20/08:Thank you for all of your comments! We decided to compromise with this option:

While there are still words below the logo, they aren’t as “in your face”. We were surprised we differed so much in opinion about this. At times we were bantering like husband and wife.Dan favored going without the website words because he thought: “T-shirts don’t motivate people to go to websites. People do. We need an army of people selling our ideas. The logo is interesting and cool enough that people would want to wear it more and that t-shirt will generate more conversation about the website.”Dave couldn’t comprehend going without the URL because people wouldn’t know where to go on the web without it.

Last modified: July 24, 2018

20 thoughts on “Dan and Dave are feuding, please help.

  1. Avatar for Steven Steven says:

    The third one is satan’s sign of the horns…the entertainment industry uses it a lot

  2. Avatar for Jim Jim says:

    Sun Time for Satan??


    Putting the webiste words on there is a must!!


  3. Avatar for tayla tayla says:

    you need the logo and name so you can reach as many people as you can keep up the hard work!!!!

  4. Avatar for Lucy Lucy says:

    I like the grey/gray.

  5. Avatar for David Llorens David Llorens says:

    Hey Dad I thought at your age you would have learned how to read directions :-P

    I bolded it for you.

  6. Avatar for Dad Dad says:

    I like icons on the front and translation on the back. It would help me put it on right (if my son would give me a t-shirt).

  7. Avatar for Jim Jim says:

    I think you have gone with the correct version. This is a moving billboard and not everyone is going to stop you to ask what the images mean. You never want to miss an opportunity to get your name or message in front of people. In the early days of your brand development, and with only 150 of these circulating, you are going to need to keep it simple for people.

  8. Avatar for cheflovesbeer cheflovesbeer says:

    Damn, I am in the older generation. I would not have known that the third symbol was rocks. If you are trying to get word out the words are the way to go. I would rather wear the first one. I think the second would start more conversations, it is direct. People know you think Solar Power Rocks. And you are probably willing to talk about solar.

  9. Avatar for Steve Camp Steve Camp says:

    I agree with JFlo…….

    icons on the front, translation on the back

  10. Avatar for Cathy Cathy says:

    I think the 2nd one would be better. Most people won’t ask what symbols on a t-shirt mean. I do like the idea of the symbols on the front, logo on the back. :o)

  11. Avatar for Brent Brent says:

    As an avid wearer and reader of shirts, I feel that the second one is the way to go. Let’s face it, the general public is not that smart. They are also lazy, so they would never put forth the effort to to think about it and figure it out on their own. We the people need our art spoon fed to us, so spell it out. Then we’ll be like, “I didn’t understand what those symbols mean, but now that I see the words my simple mind can comprehend what they represent. In hindsight, those sympbols are quite clever. So clever in fact, that I will go visit that website to see if there is other clever stuff there.”

    That’s my opinion, but I am not much of an optimist.

  12. Avatar for Renee M. Renee M. says:

    I say the second one is the best. The reason for it is that some people may see the symbols and *not* understand what it means right then. Adding the actual URL to it helps them get the point faster!
    In closing, the second image, symbols and URL together, is best!
    *Left out a word! lol

  13. Avatar for Renee M. Renee M. says:

    I say the second one is the best. The reason for it is that some people may see the symbols and understand what it means right then. Adding the actual URL to it helps them get the point faster!
    In closing, the second image, symbols and URL together, is best!

  14. Avatar for SolarBoy SolarBoy says:

    You should consider using a different background color from your logo. You’re using a transparent logo and CSS.

    If the right CSS file is missed (css load timeout) during loading, the page still loads, the white portion of the logo disappears because it is transparent and the yellow sun matches the background and cannot be seen.

    The first time I viewed it the sun in the logo had completely disappeared into the background.

    Use a different color/shade for the page background.

    As far as the t-shirts go, you need the text if you’re trying to promote the site. No one is going to get your point otherwise. If you’re trying to start conversations, then maybe.

  15. Avatar for Brian Neesham Brian Neesham says:

    Dave, Brian from NextEnergy here. We never got to meet cause I was coming in as you were heading out. With a past in design (t-shirts especially)and web marketing I believe that the 2nd graphic is the better one. First off the rocks sign isn’t going to be recognizable by older generations. From my history now in solar people seeing the words ‘solar power’ strikes up conversation. I can go on and on about a variety of reasons, but I like #2 for optimum exposure. I’d wear it.

  16. Avatar for Jeremy Jeremy says:

    As a proud owner of the current SPR t-shirt, that has the symbols on the front and the words on the back, I’d vote to keep it that way. Every time someone sees me wearing the shirt, they say “Ohh! Let me try to figure out what that means.” If you write the meaning on the front, it goes from being a puzzle to just another shirt with an ad on it.

  17. Avatar for JFlo JFlo says:

    icons on the front, translation on the back.

  18. Avatar for Emiliano Jordan Emiliano Jordan says:

    Sorry, Wendy. The first one… The .com implies it’s something more than just some symbols. The second one beats people over the head with it. Keep it simple. Let people look and wonder try and figure it out. Let people ask the wearer and start a conversation if they can’t figure it out.

    I’m nobody, but I wear T-shirts…

  19. Avatar for Wendy Wendy says:

    Or alternatively for the second idea, you can have 2 lines: first line is icons only with .com at the end. second line words only and with .com at the end. so each word corresponds to each icon.

  20. Avatar for Wendy Wendy says:

    I think the second with words is better. The first is cooler but I don’t think people can figure out the site name based on the logo alone.

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