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Published on 11/03/2008 in
Updated 11/03/2008

We need more people to realize how affordable solar now can be with the removal of the $2,000 cap from our federal tax credits. In the spirit of community organizing, when you spread the word about a state incentive page on any forum, website, or blog that accepts comments, we’ll credit you with SPR points.

Send batches of at least 10 URLs where you have left a link back to a state page on our site and we will credit you with 100 points for each link (1,000 points for each approved batch of 10). Send your batches to [email protected] for approval. A leaderboard will be up within the next week where you can check your point total (UPDATE: It’s up already check the right hand side of the page, you guys are fast!).

Some notes about links:

Your link must be on a relevant thread where the discussion refers to some aspect of domestic energy issues. Your link needs to be tied to the context of the discussion. Simply pasting a link onto the thread is not going to get you credit. An example comment: “You might want to check out this site for Louisiana solar incentives: They have all the details”.

Tips: Try googling for energy blogs or solar sites.

Here’s what you can get with all those points!:


All items include shipping within the United States.


# of SPR points required

SPR T-shirt


Wii 2000 Points Card


SPR Hoody


$50 Starbucks Gift Card


8 GB Ipod Nano


1 year of Netflix (3 movies out at a time)


32 GB Ipod Touch


Last modified: November 3, 2008

5 thoughts on “Get Free Stuff!

  1. Avatar for CelticSolar CelticSolar says:

    I have a blog post that shows that with the cap removed and the new Oregon incentive you can get a $20k system for $4850. Pretty good deal.

    I posted it last month, or I would have included a link to your state incentives page too.

  2. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:


    Forums and posts are both completely acceptable

  3. Avatar for Dean Dean says:

    What about both?

  4. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:

    Hi Dean,

    Unless you are a webmaster, posting on forums or as a comment at the end of posts is really the only option you have to link back to our state pages. While we’d love to see links coming back from webmasters as well, this way we can ensure our message gets out to the most readers.


    – Dan

  5. Avatar for Dean Dean says:

    Why does the page have to have comments?

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