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Logo Competition Winner Announced!

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Published on 11/18/2007 in
Updated 11/18/2007
nano picture

We want to thank EVERYONE for their submissions. We are more than pleased with the volume and quality of responses. We are impressed. So check it out. What do you think?

The winning entry was sent in by Katie (in the picture. Nanos make people happy):

Logo Choice 1

And cleaned up by Ambroise:

Logo Choice 3 Logo Choice 2

Again, thank you to everyone submitted. We will be giving a second nano away next week for an article writing competition. So stay tuned.

Here’s the final version Ambroise just submitted.  This one is it.  Shirts coming soon :-)

latest final logo

Last modified: November 18, 2007

7 thoughts on “Logo Competition Winner Announced!

  1. Avatar for MM MM says:

    I am afraid that logo will not have a great deal of success with the Italian community, because the hand sign for “rocks” in Italian has a very offensive meaning: put it kindly it means “your wife have sex with others”

  2. Avatar for Chuck Chuck says:

    Fonts are all wrong. Great idea for a logo, but fonts just seem out of place to me.

  3. Avatar for Solar Coupons Solar Coupons says:

    Great job on the logo Katie it Rocks for sure!

  4. Avatar for Bill Longworth Bill Longworth says:

    Congratulations to Katie. Are the shiny ones for Apple/Windows Vista certification? ;) If nothing else, this design and many of the others should keep you elbow deep in t-shirt designs for some time.

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