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San Francisco Solar Power Subsidy gets Stamp of Approval

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Updated 10/17/2018
San Francisco Solar Subsidy Approved!

San francisco Solar Power Subsidy gets Stamp of Approval!

UPDATE: A ton of SF Solar Credit info is found here at this new site.

The Public Utilities Commission unanimously approved the new solar subsidy announced by San Francisco Mayor Newsom. Here is more info from the San Francisco Task Force

From now on if you install solar power in San Francisco you will get up to :

-$3000 for a San Francisco Home Installation

-$4000 for a San Francisco Home Installation for a Local company

-$5000 for a home in Hunters Point, Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, or Bayview

-$10,000 for a business.

That is pure CREAM in addition to the California Solar Initiative credits as well as the $2000 federal tax credit. For people who were on the fence, Solar Power is now a SLAM DUNK! Get in while it’s hot! Remember, the CSI credits are slowly disappearing over time, but they’re very juicy at the moment. Of course if you’re interested in San Francisco solar I can help answer your questions.

The first year is funded with $3M, and will be retroactive to December 16th, 2007. It still has to be approved by supervisors, and it will. It will be first come first served!

Last modified: October 17, 2018

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Does subsidizing this really make sense in San Francisco: is there enough sun in outer Richmond district to generate enough power to meet the daily demand of an average household?

Dan Hahn
Dan Hahn

Hey Chris,

Here’s some info straight from Dave’s San Francisco Page:

“Fog is not the same thing as shade. Solar Power works in fog and when clouds are overhead. Depending on how foggy, rainy, or cloudy a day it is, it varies but on average it’s probably 25% effective. Remember, solar power is a YEARLY gig. You don’t pay until your “true-up” period at the end of the year. SF has sunny times and foggy times. It balances out. FACT: San Francisco gets more sun than Sacramento. (Yes, I’m serious)”


You mean, get it while the ‘sun’ is hot, before it becomes a red giant, destroys our atmosphere, sucks out our oceans. I think that is in 5.5 billion years. So there is enough time to get a good ROI.


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