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Your Guide to Solar Policy in the USA

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Published on 08/10/2016
Updated 04/20/2020
State lawbooks

Solar policy is the mix of laws, rules and incentives which affect the strength of solar investments. Our solar policy guide contains eight easy to read sections which explain the most important concepts.

Like other important issues, the United States has been mired in legislative gridlock on adopting universal laws and rules for clean energy, so the job has mostly been left to individual states. When it comes to solar power, some states have proven better than others at passing laws to help fiscally responsible homeowners add solar panels to their roofs.

Why this is important: Solar policy has everything to do with why your state is or isn’t a great place to go solar, and it’s now mostly being written by people with ties to big utility companies. State solar policy is the reason home solar is viable anywhere in the U.S., and it will inform any future nationwide lawmaking, like the Green New Deal.

We believe in informational justice, and that knowledgeable people like yourself can and should hold your government and electricity providers accountable to do better.

That’s it! If you have any general questions about how solar power works, check out our FAQ. If you have any other questions about solar policy, especially specific policies in your state, contact us here.

And don’t forget to check out our complete guide to powering your home with solar.

Last modified: April 20, 2020

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