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Energy Action Coalition – Bringing the Youth Voice to Solar

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Published on 09/24/2007 in
Updated 12/14/2018

The Energy Action Coalition is a coalition of dozens of organizations in North America whose goal is to create a clean energy future through a youth movement. Their website is a little obnoxious (it’s only a list of links to their partners and projects), but I like where the coalition’s head is at… The youth will inherit the earth, so get them started working towards clean energy now. More than a group of activists, they want to create a “Movement,” in the youth. Although they might be having trouble.

Here’s some of what they’re doing:

1. Power Shift 07 – a summit in College Park, MD on November 2-5, where they have keynote speakers, workshops, a lobby day training and strategy, culminating in a Rally on Capitol Hill.

2. Climate Challange – (which has a really good logo, btw) This is a group of youth organizations lobbying their colleges and high schools to become 100% Clean Energy. They also have a viral online youth pledge for congress.

3. (love the name) – A youth-centric blog about energy action

4. Presidents Climate Commitment – I’m honestly confused how this is different from the “Climate Challange” in number two…. as it appears to be a request for colleges to commit to becoming climate neutral as an example to the rest of the world. As a president of a school or university, by signing the commitment you agree to a outline of how to become climate neutral in a few years.

5. Focus the Nation – The other sites have fancy widgets that seem to automate display of appropriately tagged flickr photos and youtube vids, and some crisp 2.0 design. Focus the nation got the blunted whiz kid webmaster (think ADD mechanic guy from “The Fast and the Furious”). I immediately start bobbing my head upon visiting the site and see the first post is about party central Chico State.

Focus the nation educates K-12, businesses, religious organizations, and civic organizations about global warming in an attempt to create a serious, sustained national discussion about clean energy solutions, “linking students and citizens directly with our political leaders.”

In conclusion: As a species, as a planet, we need the Energy Action Coalition. I cross my fingers in hope that they reach the critical mass they need to save our youth.

Last modified: December 14, 2018

One thought on “Energy Action Coalition – Bringing the Youth Voice to Solar

  1. Avatar for steven kvit steven kvit says:

    i am looking for the solar lobby (circa 1979 washington,dc} sun logos and various banners and posters.

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