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Floridians Implore Governor Crist to sign Solar Roofs Initiative

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Published on 11/03/2007 in
Updated 03/02/2016

Yeah, that’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s rendition of Florida governor Charlie Crist. He needs to come out of that dark closet. Solar energy is a total foreigner in there and citizens from all over Florida have signed a petition to urge him out. They want him to sign the Florida Solar Roofs Initiative into law. Two weeks ago, a solar advocacy group called Vote Solar delivered more than 10,000 votes to him. If enacted, the initiative creates targets to surpass California in solar roofs per capita. That’s a pretty big deal. Additional goals are to utilize PV and solar water heating for at least 2% of the state’s energy portfolio by 2020. The Florida Solar Roofs Initiative will generate enough zero-pollution solar energy to eliminate 20 coal-fired power plants! Will he come out of the closet? Stay tuned.

Last modified: March 2, 2016

One thought on “Floridians Implore Governor Crist to sign Solar Roofs Initiative

  1. Avatar for Reggie Rasmussen Reggie Rasmussen says:

    Why wait until government does something to boost solar. Be proactvie and do some- thing now.
    Are you familiar with the ground floor movement to take solar to the masses by a company called Citizenre? They are trying market solar with an approach similar to satelite TV, cellular telephones, and alarm systems. That is to provide the customer a complete solar system with no upfront charges and make money from a service contract. In this case the service contract would be a rent agreement. They intend to put a complete solar system on a clients home. When the system produces electricity, it will lower the bill from the current utility provider. In most cases the savings from the lower bill will more than cover the rent fee that the company intends to charge. The company currently has no product available but intends to deploy in the middle of 2008. They are currently taking reservations and have over 24,500 takers so far. I have written several articles on this company in my blog and even have a couple of vidoes that I have recorded at Feel free to take a look. I welcome comments. As in any start up business, a chance exists that they may never get off the ground and fulfill any preorders, but if this is the case – the potential client has not lost anything. If you cannot afford the upfront cost of solar today, this may turn out to be a great alternative.

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