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Kerry’s Plan to Replicate the Pennsylvania SBDCs

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Published on 09/08/2007 in
Updated 09/08/2007

In John Kerry’s recent senate floor speech regarding the Energy Efficiency Act of 2007, he noted how successful the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers have been at helping area businesses become more energy efficient. Specifically, Kerry notes that of the eight 2006 Energy Star Award winners, six of them came from Pennsylvania.

Well, what exactly is going on in Pennsylvania that isn’t happening in the rest of the country? For starters, Pennsylvania SBDCs are the largest statewide provider of entrepreneurial services. In fact, they utilize the expertise and resources of 18 of the best colleges and universities in the state – Therefore, they’re able to assist entrepreneurs in all stages of business across all industry sectors. Next, Pennsylvania SBDCs offer comprehensive energy efficiency audits to smaller area businesses. As a result of these audits, businesses can see quickly and clearly how investments in more efficient equipment relates directly to their bottom lines. The SBDCs also calculate payback periods on investments. Finally, (and here’s the real kicker) funding support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the SBDC host institutions enables energy consulting services to be provided at no charge to the client. No wonder why Kerry wants to replicate this system across the country. It works, it’s good for business, and it’s good for the environment. More on Pennsylvania SBDCs here:

Last modified: September 8, 2007

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