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Solar on the White House and What it Means for You

Well,  perhaps you’ve heard that the White House will finally have solar panels on its roof again in the Spring of 2011. Hooray!  Or not….

As usual, the enemies of solar, fossil fuel companies and Fox News their lobbyists, are saying that this is a waste of tax payer dollars and that the solar panels aren’t going to do squat for the White House or for you.

Well, pardonez-moi for disagreeing with the  three horses of the Eco-apocalypse! Ahh! coal, oil, and gas company yahoos.

Here’s what solar power on the White House means for you and all Americans who care about national security, clean, renewable energy, and, you know… breathing:

  • Solar on the White House means that we now have a president who’s not Bush/Dick Cheney beholden to oil, gas, and coal companies. Thus, no more sending out our military to invade the Middle East “protect our national oil company interests.”
  • Solar on the White House means that you’re no longer going to be flushing your tax dollars down the can supporting policies that increase the chances that fossil fuel companies ignore environmental laws and crap poison on us when nobody’s watching have unfortunate accidents.
  • Solar on White House means that you’re going to see a public website that shows you the White House energy savings.  That cost savings might make you think holy crap!!, gee, I wonder if solar can save me money too and help stop the slow boiling of polar bears and penguins.
  • Most importantly, Solar on the White means that you may question what you hear from  people/bloggers/Glen Beck who know nothing about solar except what they’ve heard from other people who know nothing friends and family.  Instead, you’re actually going to get a free solar quote for yourself and find out some accurate facts.

Now, I’ve had my fun ripping on fossil fuel companies and Sara Palin oil-loving conservatives, but the truth is that these people want you to believe that the White House going solar is just a tax-payer publicity stunt. That’s not true. It’s actually an energy demonstration stunt, and that’s really what they’re afraid of.

Because if you see the White House energy savings, that might inspire you to stop wasting your money using their coal and oil from their companies. It’s against oil and coal company business plans for you to be energy independent. Plus, they don’t want their oil and coal workers getting retrained for solar, wind, and energy efficiency jobs, because then that fear mongering job-loss argument goes down the tubes too.

What’s really sick is that even though coal and oil company cheer leaders inhale air like me and you, they’d rather their own children and all of us continue to breath their polluted emissions so that they can keep making gobs of money.  How greedy and screwed up is that?!

I beg you. Find out the facts about solar for you and your home. Get a free quote. If solar’s not right for you now, fine. Maybe next year. But at least you did your homework and know for sure.

Last modified: October 9, 2010

4 thoughts on “Solar on the White House and What it Means for You

  1. Avatar for Lance Lance says:

    I’m just getting into solar and other alt energy systems. I tell you I am very disappointed with your political views being portrayed on your website.That being said we are at a world wide energy crisis point now, and there is really no time for politics at this point. For the last hundred or so years our country has been lied too about oil,coal,hydrogen,nuclear,ect. We need to figure this out now.I dont know squat about solar power or any other renewable energy yet but I want to learn asap about theM ALL!I want my familly to be independant of the govt and big energy coops that will soon be emerging and merging with oil/gass companies. We only have 20 to 40 years of proven reserves for the world at current proven feilds of oil and gass. Rally only one President Jimmy Carter (as much as I hate to admit) has really done anything about this they and we are all guilty. So lets forget politics please and do as much as possible to educate people and prevent our country from colaspe. Ireally appreciatethat you guys are leading this solar education wise and look foward to more info. I look foward to having my own solar and alt energy systems company soon. Lets be pioneers together!

  2. Avatar for Teresa Bee Teresa Bee says:

    FWIW – Bush had solar panels @ the White House generating electric and heating water for the swimming pool & spa since 2002, so this is nothing new.

    Glad they’re adding to the systems already in place on the White House grounds, but this Administration is not initiating the program, just expanding it.

  3. Avatar for Ethan lipman Ethan lipman says:

    Got me giggling with a certain crossed out thought about “crapping poison”.   Nice touch :-).  And yes.   Spot on as usual, cutting through the nonsense with style!

  4. Avatar for Jim Jenal Jim Jenal says:

    As usual, Solar Fred is spot on. The value of this leadership move by President Obama is that it will inspire countless others to follow suit. When they see that the savings are real and the process is easy, there will be a groundswell of new solar advocates – and that is what the fossil fuel folks fear the most.

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