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Sometimes there’s only one way out of a deadlock.

While admittedly there’s nothing overtly solar about the above image, it did get me to thinking about issues that relate. Like what? Well how about congress? The senate? Solar legislation? Think of all the traffic here as competing ideologies. Democrats vs. Republicans.. each intending to work together to get their cars moving in directions that they feel represent their values and their constituency. However, in this case the bill promulgation system (or here, the traffic light system) has clearly failed. What is needed here is a thought leader to take charge to end the gridlock. How can this be accomplished?

Here’s how: find the legislative behavioral analogy for, “The RAV-4 driver in the green circle decides to turn right instead of go straight ahead into a wall of traffic. By doing so, that huge bus blocking traffic in the opposite direction can get moving. Other cars intending to move in the same direction are be able to do so in a few minutes.”

Last modified: December 30, 2014

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Maybe this picture is saying that you have to be looking at the whole picture to see that one minor move can change the status quo. How does the guy in the rav4 know that he can easily solve the whole problem with a simple move?

Deep Patel
Deep Patel

Good post. I agree, Americans need to remove politics from renewable energy. All parties should be concerned and share a common goal to advance renewable energy. We need elected leaders who can make decisions with common sense, just like that rav-4 driver needs to get moving.

-Deep Patel


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