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Solar Power Rocks T-Shirts and Clothes

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Published on 03/16/2008
Updated 03/16/2008

Thank you to our friends below: Jessica Schroeder, Bryan McCoy, Danielle Crook, and Erin Nolan, for these pictures, and to Adam Marr for taking the pictures.

Click on a picture view more about the clothes… Besides looking super awesome, hopefully people see these, visit the site, get excited about solar energy, and put it on their home.

Hooded Chick Sweatshirt for Solar Power Rocks baby tee clothing Hooded Guy Sweatshirt for Solar Power Rocks Baby Tee Baseball Solar Power Green Sustainable Clothing Guy’s Baseball T-shirt solar power Long Sleeve T womens tank top solar

Last modified: March 16, 2008

11 thoughts on “Solar Power Rocks T-Shirts and Clothes

  1. Avatar for Jersey Joe Jersey Joe says:

    I would like some kids sizes ….putting panels on my home this month I thought the kids would like a shirt!

  2. Avatar for SPF4YourHome SPF4YourHome says:

    My installers are gonna be getting Rocking Christmas presents!!
    ROCK ON!

  3. Avatar for Danny Danny says:

    The Pagan symbology is arousing -The Sun [Ra – Horus] The shaft penetrating the sacred circle [l do that every chance l get]
    and the hand sign of Satanist everywhere for baphomet combined with the lovely ladies and eunuchs..what time’s the orgy ?
    …But all that aside : “Let there be light…converted to heat and electricity at a reasonable profit potential for all”

  4. Avatar for David David says:

    I am a NABCEP certified installer in the WNY area. How can I get on the list of solar professionals? Thanks!

  5. Avatar for PVMan PVMan says:

    The chick in the cute as hell chicky tee is cute as hell. I want one.

  6. Avatar for Treehugger Treehugger says:

    Oh I want one of these so I can go around spouting off about what a wonderful treehugger I am.. while I drive down the road in my SUV and my 4000 sq foot house made of trees.. I will ridicule people for their unawareness as I send my trash to huge piles of pollution so that my water supply becomes contaminated and I die a slow agonizing death of cancer. I will be so cool when I get my shirt.

  7. Avatar for Thomas Reinke Thomas Reinke says:

    Thank You for the opportunity to daily support renewable energy.

  8. Avatar for Sarah Sarah says:

    LOVE IT! :) Keep up the good work!

  9. Avatar for ET ET says:

    *kuch* NERD!
    Nice shirts btw.
    Nice girls as well.

    nerds are cool.

  10. Avatar for Erin Erin says:

    I’ve never seen anything more awesome in my entire life than these shirts. Their awesomeness is almost unbearable. I must get one so that I may become bearer to some of their awesomeness.

  11. Avatar for Adam Adam says:

    i want a shirt.

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