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To get anything of substance done, you gotta set goals

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Published on 04/21/2009 in
Updated 04/21/2009

50 small rocks waiting patiently to be placed in glass #2

Selling commercial solar energy systems is not easy. I’ve been at it for 4 months now and have had to deal with several competing time sinks: I’ve moved into a new house, had relationship issues, wrangled with the graduate studies department at Portland State to finally get my Master’s degree paperwork all approved, and only as of 2 days ago have a reasonable home office to work from.

Knowing sales really is a numbers game, I am in need of a routine to keep it going strong – something tangible to keep myself on target and accountable.

So, I decided on rocks. Pure coincidence our website is called “Solar Power Rocks!”, though I think this system will really work well for me.

I’ve got two glasses on my window sill. Each morning, I’ll place 50 rocks in the glass on the left. With each outbound call I make, I place one of those rocks in the other glass, until all those rocks are in glass #2.

Wish me luck, and go solar!

Last modified: April 21, 2009

2 thoughts on “To get anything of substance done, you gotta set goals

  1. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:


    Great idea, I will. Thanks for the support!

    – Dan

  2. Avatar for Alan Scott Alan Scott says:

    50 is the right number, now take a photo every morning and every evening of your actual “rock” progress and share it with the forum, track it for 90 days. Go get em and good luck!

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