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Bright Source Energy to build giant “Power Tower” plant in Souther Cali

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Published on 09/12/2007 in
Updated 01/15/2019

The Oakland, CA based Solar Power company Bright Source Energy announced that it has applied to construct a giant 400 Mwatt (Dems a lotta watts) solar power plant near the Vegas/Cali border.

The surprising part is that this application represents the first time in over 17 years that a company has tried to build a solar power generator in California. They are planning on using their Luz II technology to build the plant. How does this sweet, sweet technology work you ask? Well I’ll tell you… poorly.

Ever seen that magnificent piece of crap ‘Sahara‘? You know the “evil hidden fortress” that’s an array of mirrors all pointing at a tower? Well that’s Luz II.

A Heliostat, it aims solar power at the towerIt’s simple yet elegant attack at solar by focusing a bunch of “heliostats” which is a fancy way of saying “A mirror you can aim” at a “receiver” which is a fancy way of saying “this tower we pump water through” … much like burning an ant with a magnifying glass. The result is a bunch of steam used to power generators like all the other power plants.

It’s the tracking technology of the mirrors and the receiver that is where all the R and D went, I think. It’s impressive to see I’m sure.]

Good job to Bright Source Energy for taking a giant leap toward sustainable energy!

Last modified: January 15, 2019

3 thoughts on “Bright Source Energy to build giant “Power Tower” plant in Souther Cali

  1. Avatar for Roger Putnam Roger Putnam says:

    Hello, My name is Roger Putnam and I represent Total-Western Inc. and I would like to get some information concerning the projects BrightSource Energy is involved in. Thank-you!!

  2. Avatar for Harold Owen Harold Owen says:

    Hello, my name is Harold Owen
    I represent a large metal working plant in Bakersfield CA. called Lortz Mfg. We noticed that the parabolic collector is loaded with pipe fabrication (small Bore). We would appreciate any chance to to assist. Years ago we assisted LUZ intheir plant at Kramers junction.

  3. Avatar for George Michnick George Michnick says:

    I am very interested in your company and would like more info when available.I live in Mesquite,Nevada and saw a article about your technology.

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