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Nevada Solar One – it works dammit! Let’s make more of them!

A few months ago, I calculated the extent to which we could secure our energy independence with $68B that President Bush requested for Iraq. And yes, with that money we could have built enough solar power plants to indefinitely satiate the combined energy demands of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. And guess what? That calculation really bothered some of you enough to share the page with thousands of other people:

The video above describes how one of the 20 concentrating solar power plants I budgeted for actually works. The technology is here, it’s real. And now, it’s all about you to create even more of a buzz so state legislatures start to more seriously consider this clean, feasible, renewable resource. And nuclear? Really bigwigs. Why even consider a plan requiring construction of a nuclear waste dump when you can harness all of this lovely energy from the sun?!

Last modified: January 6, 2014

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