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Solar Powered Flashlight for Africa

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Published on 11/12/2007 in
Updated 02/25/2019

A few years ago, Mark Bent and his wife lived in Africa. They would bring hot meals to children who scavaged dump sites all hours of the day. Recently, the couple went back to that African village and and were compelled to make a real difference. There was no light for those villagers. Sure, during the day, but at night – only the light afforded by a rare hunter’s moon.

So, Mark quit his job and designed a solar powered flashlight. How might a flashlight make a real difference? Huge difference! Night light helps keep people safer and gives them opportunities to read, study, and develop their minds at night. For instance, think back to when you were in grade school. Trail walking? Getting home safe on a really dark night? Surely you have memories of reading at night? Mysteries? Comic books? Short stories? How much of your own imagination developed over that time?

Mark now has a great business model to back up delivery of this product around the world. Specifically, if you buy a flashlight for yourself, he’ll give another one to a village without lights or to troops in Iraq. Hence, the name BoGo (buy one, give one). In this way, reading at night no longer has to be an economic decision or burden. You’ll also cut out the need for batteries and will be doing a small part to save the planet from wasteful consumption. So check out that link above, buy one, and help Mark light up the lives of others around the world.

Last modified: February 25, 2019

3 thoughts on “Solar Powered Flashlight for Africa

  1. Avatar for wayne shigley wayne shigley says:

    Mark, it is wonderful what you’ve done with the solar powered flashlight for the African people and for Christianity. I just read in my morning devotional from “Our Daily Bread” Where can I purchase one of these?
    Thand you and God Bless,

  2. Avatar for Marianne Lumpe Marianne Lumpe says:

    Where can I purchase a gobo flashlight that supports the African cause?

  3. Avatar for Solar Coupons Solar Coupons says:

    Thats pretty cool that when you buy 1 they also give 1 to someone who really needs it. Sorta like the OLPC foundation. Just in time for Christmas ;)

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