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The 4 Reasons Why People Go Solar

Avatar for Tor "Solar Fred" Valenza
Published on 10/30/2009 in
Updated 12/28/2018


Hello there, solar curious person. If you’ve just stumbled upon this site, I’m going to bet that there are 4 basic umbrella reasons why you’re here. But, hey, I could be way off, so I’ve written a rough draft of this post with some corrections. We love overwhelming praise feedback, so if I’m wrong about my broad stereotypes cogent insights, please tell me in the comments section below.  –Solar Fred

Reason #1: Saving Money.

Solar Money Bags (Photo:Flickr/Rojer)

It’s starting to dawn on you about how far solar prices have come down while your utility rates have gone up. You’ve diligently searched the Internet while procrastinating at work for more information on the solar incentives in your state and have discovered our state-by-state list to the right, where we dumb it down simplify it for you.

Of course, we would never imply that any of our beautiful, vivacious, sexy readers are cheap and easy not generous. Not at all. We know you’re here because you’re trying to save money, damn it highly intelligent, and you truly want to understand how much cash you’ll save solar economics and whether solar is right for you. Good for you. On the other hand….

Reason #2: Polar Bears (The Environment)


Please save our cute furry butts. (Photo:Flickr/JustbeingMyself)

You love trees and polar bears and breathing, and you’re tired of seeing the slow destruction of life as we know it effects of creating electricity and hot water through coal, gas, and other 19th century C02 emitting sources that will run out one day if we’re not dead before then.

As a tree hugging Prius driving liberal, “green” person, you probably know solar PV panels last for 25 or 30 years, and that they have a carbon footprint of just 1 to 4 years, according to U.S. Government scientists some well meaning group of environmentalists. So no matter how much solar prices are falling costs, you’re going solar anyway. Bless your fill out a form here heart.

Reason #3: Energy Independence

We, the Solar People… (Photo: U.S. National Archives)

You, sir or madam, have skipped the above reasons. You’re well off can really use that Federal 30% investment tax credit, baby, and you’re not overly concerned with polar bears except in seriously cute Coke commercials.

For you, going solar means sticking it to any country (other than ours) that produces oil energy independence!

You don’t want to depend on anything except your local utility that gives you decent solar rebates and fair net metering policies.  In fact, if more Americans would go solar, we’d never have to rely on any other country for anything except electronics, clothes, and anything else at Costco or Wal-Mart! So, slap those solar panels on and let me be able to afford air conditioning again, Solar Fred!

Reason #4: Your Kids

(Photo: Flickr/TedsBlog)

You know what? I’ve had my fun and hope you have too, but I’m not going to make fun of this reason. I’ve had so many letters and comments on this site about people going solar for their kids. Honest. If this is someone like you, then you really believe that global warming is a threat. You want to clean up the mess that you and past generations have made, and you don’t want to leave the problem in your children’s hands.

It’s people like you who are my heroes. Seriously. And I sincerely thank you for taking the time to come to this website, check out your state, to find out if solar is right for you.

Please Note: If you’re checking out your state’s solar programs, please be aware that we’re lazy/have a hedonistic lifestyle and have day jobs not up to date in every state; of course, we are occasionally sober do try to keep up. So if the info you’re reading seems like something pre-“Mission Accomplished” slightly out dated, feel free to check out this handy very useful but sometimes confusing database of solar incentives. Or, just get a free quote from one of our partner installers.

For whatever reason you’re here, thanks for spending your valuable procrastination time dropping by. We appreciate it when we’re conscious.

Last modified: December 28, 2018

18 thoughts on “The 4 Reasons Why People Go Solar

  1. Avatar for Fabulous oluwaniyi Fabulous oluwaniyi says:

    I love to work for you because of my passion for solar, I am an installer, I have installed many and they are enjoying it till today.

  2. Avatar for Donna goodman Donna goodman says:

    Im disable due to cancer an i take care of my parents i needed my own space so theirs a 12×24 building an have turned it into a tiny house i use rain water tp flush my house led lights is all i used in my house i have a enegy ty as well but what i want to know as how much would it cost to make it go solar

  3. Avatar for Heavypen Heavypen says:

    Follow up – 7 years since I last posted (2009) and installed new solar panels from Solar City. Still going strong. Still producing. And I estimate that I have saved about $2,500 after equipment cost (lease). Of course, I also invested in LEDs, energy efficient appliances, new windows, insulation… and my savings includes all of those investments as well (with cost factors adjusted to reflect actual energy investment). I am a very happy solar PV customer. This stuff really worked in my case.

    1. Avatar for Ben Zientara Ben Zientara says:

      Thanks for the update! Sounds like you’re having a great time while protecting the planet and your pocketbook. Really glad to hear how well it’s working for you!

  4. Avatar for alberto ramirez alberto ramirez says:

    need o

  5. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Im Canadian by the way!!! Eh?

  6. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Free Consultation from solar City

  7. Avatar for Pigtails Pigtails says:

    There is just so many reasons to go solar, I just wished my family would
    get on board. They need to change their way of thinking! I want to go all
    solar in my home, I think it is for the best of the planet too.

  8. Avatar for John Conte John Conte says:

    I agree
    I hope we realize soon that natural gas will cause an excessive amount of damage for generations to come!
    If natural gas is proven to cause earth quakes and 200 chemicals end up in our water what is the real cost of this source of energy?

  9. Avatar for gholamreza gholamreza says:

    sun is one of the things that god gaves us we should thank him one of the stars that is very important for live in earth is sun i agree with reason 3 thanks . my blog

  10. Avatar for Lynn from Lynn from says:

    Know what I think? I think you rock. If everyone marketed like you, we’d solve global warming! :) Keep it up!

  11. Avatar for Laurie Martin Laurie Martin says:

    Great post…I also agree with you on these point and I also think the idea of using sun as a source of energy is really good and it is the future on energy needs.

  12. Avatar for Robert Robert says:

    I agree, people in general want to help save the environment, but unfortunately in our world ever thing comes down to money. So as prices drop and we can show how they will save money by using solar, and in the long run more then the cost of the panels, people will be much more interested

  13. Avatar for Heavypen Heavypen says:

    I second Dean’s “geek factor” – definitely a driver in my case. Another – they are so very pretty. I have panels from First Solar – frameless, rack mounted, amorphous cells. Yes, they are so very very pretty.

  14. Avatar for Christof Christof says:

    Why we’re going solar soon:
    1. Environmental reasons.
    2. Political reasons — Support green economy, stick it to Dirty Coal and Big Oil.
    3. So that we can power our home’s electric use AND an electric vehicle (EV) with solar. It’s hard for me to think of anything cooler than driving your car off of power you’ve generated by solar panels on your own roof.

  15. Avatar for Dean Dean says:

    I’ll add reason number 5 for me. Technology. The Geek factor. While your four items are true, I just think it’s neat to see how that works.

  16. Avatar for Dan Hahn Dan Hahn says:

    Too bad businesses don’t have young kids. I’d be faring much better up here in Oregon selling commercial solar.

  17. Avatar for David Llorens David Llorens says:

    I would say that when I got into the sales side of solar a few years ago, I would have thought that 50% did it for the environment and 50% did it for money. As it turns out, the environment gets people interested, but when it comes to signing contracts, it better pencil out as a wise financial investment or they’re not doing it. That being said, the three deals I sold where it did not look good financially, ALL did it for their very young kids.

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