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I’ve Never Called my Congressman Before but this is the first time I felt I had to

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Published on 12/04/2007 in
Updated 12/04/2007

Till the end of 2008, if you install a solar power system, you can get a $2000 Federal Tax Credit. If you are a business you can get 30% of the cost of your installation, that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. This credit which helps facilitate the growth of the solar industry may be DISSPEARING! I won’t get into the details of why it’s important, but to illustrate…. Best buy is gonna put solar systems on a lot of it’s stores, and they’ve said if the credit goes away they will abort their plans. Just when businesses started to take Google’s lead seriously and see the merits, they’re about to get a cactus up the butt from our governement.

This credit was in the energy bill, and now it’s not, it’s been removed. Here is a good article on the energy bill.

I beg you, call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and pressure her to make sure we keep the tax credit past 2008. It’s vital to the future of solar power…. It’s crucial. Think of MySpace trying to achieve it’s critical mass with no boobs. It wouldn’t work. The credit makes solar make financial sense for businesses. Do you want to rely on businesses’ altruism to take the initiative? Please, that’s why they call it a BUSINESS, they don’t do things that lose them money.

Email Pelosi here or here or here


Last modified: December 4, 2007

2 thoughts on “I’ve Never Called my Congressman Before but this is the first time I felt I had to

  1. Avatar for David Llorens David Llorens says:

    and from my mom:

    “I wrote this to Nancy Pelosi:

    I have just been to your website and read your comments about the current energy bill. I have also read the article in this morning about the energy bill. They are not saying the same things. I am concerned about solar power federal tax incentives for commercial and residential installations. I understand from The Hill article that the solar incentives may be sacrificed to reimburse the oil sector for lost revenues from increased fuel efficiency standards.

    I think this is a terrible idea! These incentives are making a difference, making solar power a more attractive financial decision, so why would you stop them, especially when a focus of the bill is to encourage alternative, green sources of energy? Does solar power not have enough K Street lobbyists or powerful friends? I can’t think of any good reasons why you would discontinue them.

    what are your reasons?

    I’ll send it to my congressman too.

  2. Avatar for David Llorens David Llorens says:

    For example,

    Our friend Galen writes:
    “Dear Speaker

    I am compelled to congratulate you and your colleagues for your leadership and support for a historic energy bill. Your determination and perseverance on this legislation needs to be recognized and commended. I only hope that the Senate has as much pride and vision as was demonstrated in the House today and puts your legislation on the Presidents desk before the Christmas recess. I would like to recommend that you tell the opposition that the times are changing and this is no time to be stuck on status quo. Fear no veto. You should be proud of what you accomplished today.

    Galen (Respectfully)

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