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Nebraska Solar Incentives – Updated

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Published on 09/03/2009 in
Updated 12/28/2018

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Thanks to a reader’s question, I took a quick look at updating Nebraska. It didn’t take much.  In fact, incentives have gotten worse for Nebraskans since our last look. No more state tax credits, but the loan program continues.

The only thing Nebraska Solar people can bank on these days is the 30% tax credit from the Federal government. Also, there’s finally a state wide net metering policy that applies to all utilities. That’s progress, but it’s capped at 1% of capacity. Quite frankly, that sucks, because it puts a low ceiling for net metering on anyone wanting to invest in renewable energy, including folks who are right for wind.

Bottom line: Without the state incentives, the payback on a system is going to be a lot longer compared to the increasing number of solar friendly states. So if you’re a Corn Husker, throw some corn silk at your legislators and tell them it’s time to bring  some reasonable solar incentives to home owners and businesses. You’ve got so much sun!

Nevertheless,  if you want to do a good green thing and find out if solar is right for you, drop your info here, and let one of our installers in the area give you a free quote. Couldn’t hurt.  It’s free, so…

Last modified: December 28, 2018

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